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    Anyone bought from this Reverb store?

    Been looking at Cymbal Crash. Based in Istanbul, Turkey. Normal or just below normal prices and got good reviews. Sent a message about a cymbal and got fast and very helpful answer. Anyone here bought from them? I’m living in Sweden and been...
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    18x12 or 18x14? Or 20?

    About to order a new bass drum for my USA Custom Jazz Legends kit in Mardi Gras finish. It comes with a 16x12” bass drum and 12x8 and 14x14 toms. Super fun size to play but I need something with a fuller sound and a bit more volume. Has to be 18 diameter. USA Custom makes most sense, I guess...
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    Gretsch 302 vs. die cast hoops on USA Custom

    Anyone put 302 hoops on their USA Custom toms? Pros, cons?
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    Ayotte love

    Got this lovely Ayotte 4,5 x 14" snare yesterday. Guess it was time for me to jump on the Ayotte train! This thing is heavy - a lot of hardware on a small drum like this. Bought it from London, UK (I'm in Sweden). Store said it was from 1991, seemed a bit off so I asked Ayotte if they had more...
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    Discussed before: 14x24 vs. 16x24 bass drum?

    The bass drum in question is a Sakae Trilogy bass drum, extremely thin maple/poplar/maple shell with lightweight hardware. I currently own 20” and 18” Trilogy bass drums, and used to own 22” and 24”, all being 14” deep. I have played (and owned) a 14x24 Trilogy but sold it (regretfully). I...
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    Advice: 16x12 or 16x14, or even 16x13 bass drum?

    Hello, I've been searching the market for a small bass drum to use with my Sakae Trilogy toms (10", 12", 13", 14" and 16" in gold sparkle finish). As a note: Sakae didn't make 16" Trilogy bass drums, hence this post. I already have 18", 20" and 24" bass drums so the "bass drum" thing is...
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    The future of Sakae drums?

    So, heard about this yesterday, that Korg bought/invested in the Sakae company. From The Drum Shop Tulsa: And, from Korg's website: Anyone have more information? As a fan of Sakae drums (I own three Trilogy kits), I am really interested to see in...