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    THE Pedal!!

    Same as buying a new pr of shoes. It has to fit perfectly, fit your needs, has to feel right, not just ok..but like a glove. These days the choices are endless, so what is the criteria for your bass drum pedal purchase?..Price, weight, speed, guarantee, make, etc??...What is so important about...
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    The new Gene Krupa Quartet

    On Verve records. Has anyone listened to this album? A lot of people assumed Gene did not read charts, but this album clearly challenges that. There are serious arrangements, signatures, etc going on here. I don't see how anyone could play these songs and NOT read charts!
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    Soooo many cymbals!!!

    Is it me, or am I noticing a very lop sided shift in cymbal and drum sales?..Used to be a kit was sold with or without cymbals, but these days individual cymbal sales are through the roof, especially ride pies that have a few stick marks. People seem to be very quick to trade or sell for the...
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    16,s have a new life!!

    I posted awhile ago about 4 16" crash cymbals I found, and you told me the new crash sizes are 18-20"...Good advice by the way, so I messed around with the 16,s until I found a combo that worked well as hats....who knew, I LOVE IT. First time ever not using 14,s, and I do like the extra area...
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    market conditions [used gear]

    It is apparent that this industry has stalled in some ways, but would you agree that as hard as it is to sell drums, its WAY harder to sell cymbals?..I am shocked at the difficulty that some are having. ...Its almost like you to have to lose big, to make the sale, and if you try trading cymbals...
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    Fave crash size

    I found an old cymbal bag with 4 16" crash cymbals, all different of course. It was when large crash cymbals became popular, so I ditched the 16,s for a couple of 18,s and a 20". I missed the 16,s and am putting them back to work.....whats your fave CRASH size??
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    14" floor tom..8 lugs?

    Im not familiar if this is common these days, but are they being offered as standard or is it a custom order?
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    Custom Drum Builders

    Topic used to start some wicked debates, many years ago when it seemed the industry was saturated with them. These days, all, or most of the self proclaimed experts have drifted away with the saw dust, but I know there is still a demand for these genuine experts, but where are they? Is there one...
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    Bare [bear] with me

    If I take a stripped down vintage Ludwig shell, and built it up with Tama hardware from another stripped down shell, do I have a Ludwig drum? If I take vintage hardware off a Rogers shell and build it up with a Keller shell, do I have a Rogers drum?...or what do I have?
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    Gut and wire combo users

    Love the sound, takes some time getting used to it, but how about you?...I think its suitable for most styles.
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    You want me to supply the whole kit?

    I,ve been asked to do this for a local bar that wants to start weekly jams on the weekends, and leave the kit there for the winter. Im talking everything except sticks. Not worried about that because im sure most of them don't know what brushes are anyway. He,s asking me as a favor, and in...
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    Brady I.D.

    Can you tell me what spieces this wood is plz?. I,ve tried looking it up, but not having any luck.
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    Spent a lot of money on a snare drum....

    And you don't like it and want to trade or sell it...Why??...Where does it sit , in the basement or club work????
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    Mapex Orion..vintage yet?

    These drums seem to be priced a lot higher than the Saturn line, so I was wondering if you have an answer for that? Both high end well built pro drums. Were the Orion series the top line before Saturn showed up...I believe they were also 100% maple??
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    Sabian 21"

    What year did Sabian begin offering a 21" ride cymbal?
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    Not sure if that's spelled correctly or not.....We know that when a new drum leaves the store, it loses a lot of value right away, because its now a used drum. No problem, but do you think the same thing applies to cymbals? I notice a lot of "played only one show" cymbals for sale everywhere...
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    Acquarian hi-frequency heads

    Im trying a clear 13 on a snare drum, and im very impressed with the performance, but when I looked at their site, it states these heads are not recommended as batter heads. Other than being a clear single ply, has anyone used these for this application? Remo has no problem recommending Diplomats??
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    Nelsons Drum Shop

    Open for a couple of years in Nashville now. I believe they are more of a vintage shop, and repairs/ modifications...Anyone been there?
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    Zildjy ZXT Titanium hats

    I found a pr in very nice condition and have never used these. Are they a decent cymbal and do they continue to make these?
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    Sonor Swinger

    Are these kits as good sounding as the teardrops for those that have compared them?..I can get a nice 5 pc for a hot price, but I,ve never owned Swingers.