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  1. dalec

    Darwin... Is this a Jasper or Keller shell?

    Hi! I recently acquired a Darwin drumset and wonder if the shells are Jasper or Keller. I attached some pictures from the rack tom shell. Maybe the experts know the answer. Shell thickness is about 5 mm..
  2. dalec

    20's NOB 14"x5" Ludwig(?) Snare... experts welcome

    Hi! I have a 14"x5" Nickel over brass 6-lug Snare which I believe is a Ludwig Pioneer or Universal. But I'm not sure, maybe some of you can help. No badge on the drum, only a few holes, three of them maybe for a muffler? No script on the brass rims, original throw off seems to be a Ludwig 338...
  3. dalec

    Calling all Slingerland experts

    Hi, I just came across some Slingerland drums. One was a 1940s 14x7" Super Gene Krupa Radio King snare with 16 Beavertail lugs (model #155) in WMP which is legit for sure. The other is a 24x14" Bass Drum with the streamlined lugs. Could anyone tell me if this drum is legit ? I wondered about...
  4. dalec

    Ludwig 90th Anniversary Acrolite ??

    Hi I've just come across a snare I've never heard of before. A Black Galaxy Engraved Acrolite 90th Anniversary model with Imperial lugs, 6,5 inch. As far as I know they made only four 90th anniversary models (some wood shelled and a Black Beauty)... ? Can anybody help ? Thanks, Lars