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  1. Ryandrummer26

    70’s Vintage Ludwig Kit

    1970’s Vintage Ludwig drum kit. Rewrapped and has updated spurs on the kick. Has re-rings and its in very good condition. The kit sounds incredible and never has needed moongels, rings, etc. $1,100 OBO Sizes: 24x16 13x8 16x16
  2. Ryandrummer26

    Vintage Ludwig Kit

    I have a vintage ludwig drum kit I’ve owned for about 3 years now. Was curious as to how I can tell if its a 70’s or 80’s kit as I never really knew and I want to finally find out. Would anyone on here be able to tell me? Pics attached
  3. Ryandrummer26

    Wuhan 22” Medium Ride

    Wuhan 22 Medium Crash/ride cymbal.. has small crack but i drilled two small holes on the end to stop it from spreading and it has held up for over a year now. Sounds amazing still and is awesome as a ride or crash. Trying to sell asap! ? $85$ shipped
  4. Ryandrummer26

    2 Cymbals for sale

    Selling these together as a pair... 1st: Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20 Like new condition only used one time. Sounds great. 2nd: Wuhan 22 Medium Ride. Small crack but holes drilled on the ends and the crack hasnt spread in over a year till this point. Still sounds amazing as a crash or ride...
  5. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20"

    Selling this Zildjian 20" S Series Trash Crash that's pretty much new...only hit once. Retails for $180, trying to get $160 shipped. Need to get rid of asap, DM me if interested.
  6. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20"

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20".. friend of mine just bought it but gave it to me cause he didn't like it.. looking for any 20" crash and above. DM me with what you got!
  7. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian K 24" Light Ride

    Up for sale is my zildjian k light ride 24". Its in awesome condition no cracks keyholes, etc. I thought this was gonna be my go to ride but it just isnt doing it for me. Its loud has an amazing bell and rides and crashes amazingly but its just not for me. DM me if your interested.
  8. Ryandrummer26

    Gretsch Catalina Club Rock VS Ddrum Reflex Powerhouse

    Whats up guys, as I'm in the market for a new kit I just wanted some opinions on which is the overall better kit to go with. I'd say there both in the "mid-range" department but to get into specs, the Gretsch is the Catalina Club Rock series with mahogany shells, sizes are 24x14, 12X8, 16x16...
  9. Ryandrummer26

    SJC Maple Kit

    I'm trying to sell my SJC all custom maple kit. The drums are in excellent condition..sizes are 24x18, 12x8 and 16x15. All gold hardware, tube lugs, the inside of the rims on the drums have marble wrap. Looking for $1,300...also if you live within an hour from me we could always work out meeting...
  10. Ryandrummer26

    Ludwig Keystone vs C&C Player Date 1

    So I need some advice....stumped between which kit would be better to invest in...The C&C player date 1 is $1,839. Sizes are 24x14, 16x15 and 13x8 and the Luddy is $1,459 and sizes are 24x14 16x16 13x9. Both kits sound awesome but i'm in love with the C&C's toms. they just sound perfect. the...
  11. Ryandrummer26

    Sandblasting a cymbal??

    I've got an istanbul 22" xist crash that i was thinking about sandblasting the top side...think this is a good idea? i already have a meinl 20" vintage crash that's sandblasted out of the factory and it sounds amazing..