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  1. 44Ronin

    Do you still practice ? Still try to improve ?

    Yeah, right
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    Killer Mark Giuliana solo at MDS

    He's a jazz drummer if you didn't know
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    43 Beaters Reviewed

    There's your answer, the bass drum is tuned to be dead The beater sound takes a life of its own when a bass drum is actually tuned to have even, a little, bit sustain. There's none here. So the shootout gives an idea of attack but nothing in the sense of sustain. A fluffy beater opens up...
  4. 44Ronin

    43 Beaters Reviewed

    Bass drum is too dead
  5. 44Ronin

    Gretsch Lightning strainer/ Fishtail butt keyhead screws - retrofit?

    Anyone know if these are backwards compatible with strainers on older drums? If so, does anyone know where to get some of these parts/who to order from?
  6. 44Ronin

    Long overdue shout-out to INDe Drum/Josh.

    Last year, and many moons ago. I bought a lovely 14x6.5 Maple in lovely blue from Josh. I've sat in with this drum for some time now, and here is what I have to say about it; What I have to say is, that this snare is just phenomenal. My gawd.... it's a FAT sounding drum but it also has a sweet...
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    Why 12.7mm

    I am going to put my 2 cents into the ring... 12.7-8 mm are great-no..just superb for floor tom legs, at least for me. With 9.5mm and 10.5mm legs, a slight bump of your leg into the FT and everything wobbles around. I like the floor toms with legs because they stay put. I think if you are...
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    The Official Oriollo Encore 65 Review- Seamless Spun Brass 1MM

    It does sound dead. Tubby. Pass.
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    Gretsch renown 2015 vs 2016?

    302's open up the drum a little. It's advantage comes when you tune lower.
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    practice pad

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    Gretsch "chrome brass" vs "chrome over brass"

    Brooklyn 4160 has 302 hoops (3mm double flanged steel) and brooklyn badge. USA 4160 has zinc die cast hoops and USA badge. Both have same shell, key holder and lightnimg throw off
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    Favorite Modern Felt Type Bass Drum Beater

    A compressed woolly beater Haha
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    Tighten Up The Hi Hats And Quit Bashing The Ride?

    Does this offend your elevator muzak sensibilities? :) I also like the irony of OP's name :) 'madsplash'
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    100% American Drums

  15. 44Ronin

    100% American Drums

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    100% American Drums

    When the USA became an industrial power starting in the early 1900's, we did not do it primarily at anyone else's expense. There was virtually no other major industrial powers in the world at that time. Indeed, we started the mass industrialization of the world to a large extent. Do you...
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    Led Zeppelin wins case!

    I'm feeling baited
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    95% sure it is a brooklyn 5.5 wood, like mine. Killer drum for sure
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    He's too exciting a drummer to be working in a sunday morning cafe or uptown restaurant playing polite elevator music in the corner...