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    AC Drums/Drum Shells UK

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the links on and I found this UK manufacturer of custom drum shells ( The prices look very attractive, but does anyone know about their products' quality? I've never ordered "virgin" drum shells so I really don't know if I'd be...
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    22 ways to record a drum set using 1 mic

    Hopefully this can be of some help! All the info are in the video and in the yt description.
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    Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride

    I got this one new for a fairly low price to go with my beloved Inn 14" medium hats. Currently for sale here, as I'm trying to finance a snare build and it's not like I NEED 6 different rides...
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    Paiste Sound Formula (FrAnkEnStEin) 20" Full Ride

    One of two demos recorded the same day, I got this one to replace the round logo SF Full Ride I had to part with hoping that it would sound just about the same, but as it turns out it sounds very close to the current Sig Full Ride, so I'm now looking into selling this one and finding another...
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    Lugs and hoops for a 13" snare build, 6 lug + die cast vs 8/10 lug + triple flange?

    Hi, I'm embarking in the task of building a snare drum and I'm looking for some opinions from the more experienced people here! I'd like a "tight", punchy, sensitive and high pitched sound with a very pronounced attack, but not really a dry sound without overtones or sustain, kinda like the...
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    Paiste Sound Formula 20" Full Ride (2nd gen, Swiss made) for €200 and Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride for €150

    Hi! For sale are a Swiss made Paiste Sound Formula Full Ride manufactured in 1996 (probably), and an Innovations 20" Medium Ride manufactured in 2001. I'm selling them for €200 and €150 respectively, + shipping from Italy to anywhere in the world, or €325 + shipping if bought together...
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    Paiste Sound Formula 20" Full Ride

    Here's another one with new heads and a new pedal; more to come soon enough hopefully! I'll be grateful for any feedback on how to improve my demos, and all comments in general. Enjoy!
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    Zultan caz (Turkish Millennium) 21" ride sizzle

    A bit different from the previous one, from the "usual" perspective this time. More to come soon. Any and all feedback to improve on this video-demo format would be appreciated!
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    Tongxiang TMZ 20" ride

    As per thread title, here's the demo of a Tongxiang TMZ 20" ride cymbal, bought from ebay, arrived with a small chipping, and fixed with sandpaper and a sharpening stone. Any and all feedback on how to improve on this format would be greatly appreciated! --- Luca