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  1. k_50

    New Old Drums For Me - Asba This Time

    I came across a deal I couldn't pass up. So now I'm the proud owner of a stainless steel Asba kit. I picked it up earlier today, and had enough time to quickly tune and set up the 24", 14" and 18" with my 15" 50's Slingerland snare at my practice space, and get home before the handball match...
  2. k_50

    Look what I just got :)

    I picked up this very groovy 60's Premier kit today. 20x14, 14x8, and 16x16 with a complete set of period correct stands. I also got the matching cob snare, but that one is going to need a little work before it's up and running. Here they are just after unloading at my practice space, set up...
  3. k_50

    My "new" Sonor Phonics

    The weather is nice and sunny in Copenhagen today - perfect for taking some outside pics of my new to me kit. Sonor Phonic - 24"x14", 13"x9", 16"x16" Tama AW338 - 14"x8" birch And my Large N' Dark cymbal setup: 16" A Zildjian trans stamp t3 hats 19" Bosphorus Antique Series original ride...
  4. k_50

    Value of an 18" trans stamp ride?

    I got this 18" trans stamp ride through a classified add hoping it was a crash, but it turned out to be a ride (the weight is 1865g.). It sounds nice, like something out of an old Rn'B record, but I don't have any use for it at the present. I've been trying to sell it locally for a few months...
  5. k_50

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Is anyone else here into building/restoring bikes? I just got a box of new parts so I can do some much needed maintenance on my '95 Sunn Vertik 2, and make it more suitable for riding in the city. This is how it looks now: New chain, chainring, and a single speed conversion kit. I'll also...
  6. k_50

    Favourite brush tracks

    As said in the title: What's your favourite brush track(s)? I have always been partial to this one: It's from a Danish musical version of Treasure Island, and is about the Flying Dutchman. I've never been much of a brush/jazz drummer myself, but I've listened to that track all my life, and...
  7. k_50

    Superstars or Phonics?

    I may be buying a new kit soon, and I am having a har time deciding between these two: Tama Superstar 22x14, 12x8, 13x9, 14x10, 15x12, 16x16 Sonor Phonic 24x14, 12x8, 13x9, 14x14, 16x16 Both kits are white, so I can't base my choice on the finish (which is my usual method). Pros for the...
  8. k_50

    OT: Voting process - No politics, purely technical!

    Hey all Please keep any politics out of this topic. I just have a couple of technical questions about how you vote in the US Question 1: I'm following the US election (very late at night now), and Danish tv shows people putting their ballots into some kind of machine. Is that a scanner that...
  9. k_50


    The other day I thought I spotted an old A in a classifieds ad that just said "cymbals for sale", so I took a gamble and bought them. They showed up in the post today, and there was no old A, but a Moonbeat, which I've never heard of before.. Do any of you guys have any info, like where or when...
  10. k_50

    Tama Granstar/Artwood snare lugs

    I'm looking for 6 of these lugs.
  11. k_50

    Granstars in the sun :)

    Here they are in all their might and glory and various setups: The full Monty (The Larz) 24, 24, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 14x8: Hair metal anyone? (12, 14, 16, 18 toms)
  12. k_50

    A whole lotta Granstars!

    So the other day I came acros a deal on a large set of Tama Granstars that was almost too good to pass up, and decided that they would make an excellent 30th brithday present to myself. I had to drive around 350 km each way yesterday to get them, but the trip was well worth it! A Volvo makes a...
  13. k_50

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Like the title says: What's for dinner? Shows us your meals and recepies. Tonight I had an open bottle of Chianti in the kitchen as well as some nice pancetta, and pecorino, left over from carbonara-night yesterday, in the fridge. So the obvious choice for today was spaghetti amatriciana (or...
  14. k_50

    New (used) drums. DW this time

    These were just delivered to me this morning. 22x14, 13x11, 16x16 in champagne glass.
  15. k_50

    My christmas present to myself

    I just picked this up this morning, and I'm pretty excited. It's an old 24" A Zildjian at just under 3300 grams. Most of the weight seems to be at the center, so it's got a nice strong bell and some cool wobble at the edge. Trixon stamp above the Zildjian trademark
  16. k_50

    26" Rogers marching bass

    I was just on ebay looking at drums, and I found a 26x14 Rogers marching bass drum that I'd love to get my hands on and build a kit around it. It looks to be from the 60's (has a Dyna-sonic tag and is lacquered inside), and the finish i a red/silver/red tri-band sparkle. Does anybody know how...
  17. k_50

    John F & the Fairfield 4

    check this out... It's kinda old, so some of you probably know it already, but in my opinion this song has some of the best vocals in newer music (listen to the bass line!). It's one of those songs I could just listen to over and over.
  18. k_50

    What are you listnening to?

    I'm pretty sure we've had a thread like this before, but let's get a new one going. What are you listening to? Me: Rossini - El Barbiere Di Siviglia (the barber of Seville). I loves me some classical music, and I've found that my local second-hand shop usually has a lot of good stuff on...
  19. k_50

    What did you get for christmas?

    I just got home from spending christmas eve at my sister's. In Denmark we do the whole celebration and gift thing tonight, but I guess most of you guys will have to wait until tomorrow. We (me, my mum, sister, niece, brother-in-law and his mum and aunt) got together at 4pm to watch Disney's...
  20. k_50

    New pics of the old Superstars

    I spend my evening tuning and tweaking my setup because my band's rehearsal was cancelled, so I decided to snap some photos of ye olde Superstars to put on the interwebs. Please excuse the messy practice space and worn out front head and tom batters (I tried to get some new ones today, but my...