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    *SOLD* 1950’s era Slingerland Radio King 13x9 tom, with original calfskin heads $110 CONUS shipped

    Tom is in good shape, especially given it’s age. I have the matching rk snare, which by dating the rk snare stamp puts it between 1950-1953. Includes original calf skin heads on batter and reso and mounting bracket. Please see pics. $110 shipped CONUS, PayPal only.
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    Zildjian A Series 18" thin crash trade for 16" crash-SWAPPED, PLEASE DELETE

    Wanting to scale down my crash size and trade my newer spec Zildjian A Series thin crash in excellent condition for a 16" crash. Preferably something comparable in condition and style and medium thin. SWAPPED, PLEASE DELETE
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    Sliding off drum stool

    I currently own a Tama 1st chair round seat throne. It's the basic one with vinyl/pleather covering. Problem is that when I play I noticed that lately I've been sliding backwards and have to occasionally move forward to stay seated. Before I go and drop a bunch of money on a new drum throne...
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    B/O badge Ludwig Acrolite, $120 shipped CONUS

    B/O badge Ludwig Acrolite for sale, I believe it is from the 1970's. Has upgraded P-86 strainer and 2.3mm hoops. Has some light blemishes and a small engraved name of "Pat M" on one of the sides (forgot this until after having my wife take pics of it, will try to get it photographed and added...
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    Acrolite snare, tuning issue

    I have had a 1970's ludwig acrolite for a year or so and have not had much success tuning it. Have tried a couple different heads including coated amb, emp, coated controlled sound and aquarian hi energy. Had most luck so far with the hi energy but still cannot get it 100%. I have an old peal...
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    Preference for b8 over b20, are my ears bad?

    So I started playing drums about a year ago. I currently use a set of 16" and 18" Sabian B8 thin crashes. Since the general idea is that b20 > b8 bronze, I spent some time going through cymbals at the music stores in town and listening to demos online. I had settled on a pair of 16" and 18"...