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  1. Vibes

    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    I play a lot of jazz, also R&B, Classic Rock. I mostly use a 4 piece with 16" or 18" bass drum for jazz. Occasionally for the dance R&B gigs I will use a 5 piece with the two toms usually 10" and 12" on a stand facing directy to the front with the snare between them and 16" crash on the other...
  2. Vibes

    MIJs - getting sucked up into collections?

    I ran across this Stewart set a couple years ago. 10 lug bass drum. 14"x22" 13" 16" 14" Snare. All with rerings. 60"s. They are in exceptional condition . Beautiful large flake Black Diamond Pearl. Sometimes I swear I see a purple hue to them. They sound great. I have used them on many jazz...
  3. Vibes

    Buddy Rich drum tech??

    So i wonder if it was Dale in 75 that i helped when Buddy played at our high school. I let him use a couple of my mics for Buddys set. He was fairly well built, long hair to his shoulders, and a full beard.
  4. Vibes

    Just sharing my latest find - Camco

    Wow, those are great. Going to be beautiful cleaned up !
  5. Vibes

    Your first "pro" cymbal as a kid

    My first decent drum set was a Sears Whiehall, and a friend let me borrow a 16" A Zildjian cymbal that was from a pair of marching crash cymbals. It was thick and sounded great. He never played again and let me keep it. I used it for about 12 years until it burned in a club fire in 80, or 81...
  6. Vibes

    Best product to seal a vintage shell interior?

    I once used the tung oil on a old PDP Eazy series set I had pulled the wrap off and refinished natural. That oil darkened the wood and really brought out the grain. let it soak in and dry a few days then I put 4 coats of spar marine polyurethane with a light sanding in between coats. They shined...
  7. Vibes

    My newest Slingerland set

    Wow ! really beautiful. That Silver Sparkle looks great. I have some SS Ludwigs. I also have a couple Slingerland sets and the early 70's set is a Avante, and those shells are some of the nicest I have ever seen. That rock maple and thick rerings. Yours look stunning. Wish they had come up with...
  8. Vibes

    What Ludwig kit is this?

    That's a good deal. Those rockers are I think 4 ply, bass may be 6. Maple poplar. I have a rewrapped Rocker snare shell. I put bow tie lugs and a p83 strainer on it. Looks like a jazz fest and sounds great. Those would look beautiful in a sparkle. Another two hundred dollars for some of Jammin...
  9. Vibes

    Slingerland Avante kit. I can't tell if I love the finish or hate it ... so ...

    Nice set. I hear you about the color. I have a Avante set in larger sizes I found a few years ago and it is gloss Red. I was thinking to myself, why with all the beautiful Pearl's and Sparkles would someone order a solid Red wrap ? But it actually has kind of grown on me. Plus, I guess it was...
  10. Vibes

    70s 'bowling ball' psychedelic red kit

    Those are really nice drums. I know everyone has their preferred set up, but I would mount that 14" next to the 16" on a low floor tom stand. 2 up 2 down. Would look more balanced. I realize not every one is used to or play 2 down. I did that with my Rogers set.
  11. Vibes

    Refinishing my Late 70's Slingerlands! My progress thread...

    Fantastic !!! They look great !
  12. Vibes

    What's the worst thing you have done to a drum set?

    Hold my beer.................................40 years ago I drilled extra holes on the batter side of a lug less 14"x22" Camco Bass Drum Shell so I could use some extra Ludwig Imperial bass drum lugs I had for a one headed drum. Whoops the first hole was wrong, so my friend drilled a third hole...
  13. Vibes

    Refinishing my Late 70's Slingerlands! My progress thread...

    Outstanding project ! The inner tags are really a nice touch. Can't wait to see the Bass drum and the performance set up.
  14. Stewart


    1966 Stewart
  15. Vibes

    Rogers find

    I live in South East Florida and a few years ago we were having a mild winter and I left my Rogers set in my minivan after a gig, as I had a gig the next night. It unexpectedly went down in the mid 40's F and the wrap on my floor tom split almost the length of the drum. My bass drum too. They...
  16. Vibes

    Show me your vintage MIJ Stencil

    My BDP Stewart set. I have them tweaked and sounding great. Even the snare. I perform on them quite often at my Jazz gigs. One of my favorite sets.
  17. Vibes

    Rogers 20" Bass Drum

    I have a Aquarian Super Kick 1 on my batter side and Remo ambassador with felt strip on reso.
  18. Vibes

    Old cork beater

    Just curious, did you get that beater with a Rogers foot pedal I sold you ?
  19. Vibes

    Is this stand Ludwig?

    I had the stands like in the advertisement photo with the white felt separator when I bought my first concert toms. I also have a stand with the black rubber separator, and in 1981 got a couple new stands with the grey felt separators for some replacement concert toms. That tilter looks correct...