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    Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite Snare Drum 10-Lug Imperial Lugs

    Hey Gang, This is a super limited run for the independent drum shops. Ludwig made a mistake on the Acrolite shells recently and accidentally drilled the hole patters of a supra into them. They released the batch instead of just tossing them. Here is a link to check out if you wanna see some...
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    Anika Nilles Clinic @ CDE 10/24!

    Hey Gang! Just a heads up that we will be hosting a FREE Anika Nilles clinic in conjunction with Tama and Meinl! If you're in town the 24th, come on by and check out the shop! Again, this is open to the public all you have to do is RSVP through our site...
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    Green Sparkle Classic Maple Special @ CDE

    Hey Gang, So I have this 3 piece FAB kit in Green Sparkle that has been here way too long. I am willing to let this guy go for $1600 shipped anywhere in the US. Its also tax free if we ship outside Illinois. If you wanna snag it, shoot me an email at We only...
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    Yamaha deals this week @ CDE

    Hey gang, Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! This week I am running a yamaha special at CDE for 20% off. All you gotta do is shoot me an email and lets make some magic happen! Check out our site and see if there is anything ya like/need. Links below...
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    Weird Question: anyone try to fit a 23" cymbal in a 22" bag?

    Hey guys, Im thinking about picking up a 23" ride but my biggest bag is a 22" mono. Not sure if I should drop the money and just get another bag or try to squeeze it in there. Anyone try something like that before?
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    ***Any of these cymbals interest you?***

    Hey guys, I am doing some pretty wild deals on THESE specific cymbals. If any of these interest you, get a hold of me asap! I cannot post prices because they are that stupid, you're going to have to get a hold of me directly. Thanks!
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    Benny Greb Drummers Diary

    Here is a cool video I found! Benny shares some pretty cool insight about drumming and working with other musicians. I freakin love this dude!
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    Reversed Toms

    Hey gang, How do you all feel about the trend of flipping your rack toms so that the larger diameter tom comes first, followed by the smaller? It seems to me that this is kind of popping up everywhere right now. I know there was a thread about this forever ago but I just wanted to stir the...
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    Cymbals & Snares @ CDE

    Hey gang, In honor the Chicago Drum Show this month I am offering some sweet deals on cymbals and snares this month! Feel free to shoot me an email at or pm me on here and I'll get back to you all...
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    Ludwig Pink Vistalite!

    Gang! Just wanna show off this beauty of a pink vistalite we literally just got in. 14/16/18/26 with matching 6.5 x14 supra! All B/O badges. These look haaaawwwwt!!! Also have this exact same set up in Amber! I'll get those pictures once we find a spot to set it up! I was curious to see how...
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    Ludwig Legacy Maple 13/16/18/24 USED

    Hey gang! Just got this gorgeous Legacy Maple in used at the shop. Super clean! Just giving you all a heads up before we throw it on the site! Shoot me an email with any questions!
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    New Barton Kits!

    Hey Gang, Just got some new barton kits in! Shoot me a message if you got questions, would love to see these go to a DFO members home!
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    Darren King Appreciation Post

    Anyone else still bummed that Darren King isn't playing with Mutemath anymore? This guy has such a crazy feel and it just a monster player. &t=140s
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    Finally Picked up some 15" K Lights!

    So I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up some 15" K Light Hi Hats! Really really excited to get home and play with them. Every time I have gotten to play on a set I've loved them. SO stoked to have a set for myself!
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    Favorite Kit in the $1000 - $1500 Price point?

    Hey gang, Just curious to hear what everyones favorite kit in this price point is. Or what you think the best bang for the buck is. Feel free to drop links and such. Just wanna nerd out on some drums! I gotta say mine would probably be the Yamaha Tour Custom. Those new drums are killer!
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    Pre Serial 6.5x14 Supraphonic!

    Hey gang! I have a client who I am trying to find a pre serial supraphonic for. If you have any info or leads please point them my direction.
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    New Rogers Dyna-sonic (A Detailed Look)

    Hey Gang! Looks like sweetwater has thrown up a video of the new dyna-sonic snare! Looks pretty awesome. Also I have to add that Nick's playing makes the drum sound even that much better. "Rogers USA returns to the drum market with the re-release of the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. This...
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    Used Stainless Steel Ludwig @ GC Super Cheap

    Sooo I was creeping the internet per usual and stumbled upon this $1300 bucks for a 3pc vintage stainless steel. I tried buying this for the shop but logistically its just not possible. If you guys and gals have a spare...
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    Premier Resonators

    For all you old Premier fans! We have a super clean set of resonators that is not listed on our site just yet. Check it! email for more pics or questions!
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    Club Date Mahogany!

    Gang! We just got in our first Club Date Mahogany in Black Galaxy! Super stoked to get some videos of this kit!