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    (SOLD) Roland TD-10 Expanded (TDW-1) V-Drum Module

    I'm selling my Roland TD-10 expanded, works great, no issues. I'm selling because I upgraded to a TD-50 and don't have a need for this module anymore. As you can see the backlight on the screen is fine (a common issue for the TD-10's). I also replaced the backup battery on the motherboard...
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    Two snares I built were featured on Sounds Like a Drum.

    I built two identical aluminum snares for a Sounds Like a Drum comparison video. The only difference is that one snare is hand hammered and the other is not. The difference is subtle, especially under the mics. But don't take my word for it, see (and hear) for yourself!
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    Machinery for metal shells

    If anyone could tell you, @oriollo is the one.
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    snare bed design and effects..

    Most snare beds that I've seen are between 1/16" and 3/32". Some snares have none, some have very deep and aggressive beds. A snare bed's function is to let your snare wires sit flat against the reso head. Some of the comments above mention angling the snare wires, I'm not familiar with that at...
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    Yet another endorsement question

    I suppose this reply may be anecdotal but it is my own firsthand experience. When OBDCo. was just starting out, I was faced with the challenge of getting good quality demos of my drums. I didn't want just audio recordings, but actual video demonstrations so potential customers could see and hear...
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    Budget custom drums: is it even possible?

    Outlaw Custom Drums specializes in making drums from reclaimed wood. I've heard stories of people bringing their own wood from a tree on their property, or an old family barn or something and having it turned into a snare. I believe Exeter Drum Works has also worked on a couple of special...
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    A&F Drums

    I just laughed so hard I got light headed. Thank you for that.
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    Budget custom drums: is it even possible?

    So there are a handful of points that I'd like to make, and hopefully shed a little insight from a "boutique" drum builder perspective. When I started building drums it was for myself, not a business, just a fun DIY experiment based on my own interests and the manufacturing equipment that I had...
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    Lets hear about your embarrassing DIY mistakes

    I was finishing up a shell. Patina'd, painted, hardware was mounted. I just had to throw a badge on it and it was good-to-go. Of course I installed the badge in the wrong panel. Luckily it was a 10 lug drum, so not as symmetrical (or as obvious a mistake) as it would have been on an 8-lug. But...
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    I built my first cast bronze snare!

    Thank you so much!
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    8 VS 10

    If you have an 8 lug snare and a 10 lug snare tuned to the same pitch. The 8 lug drum will have more tension at each tension rod than the 10 lug will. Because you have the same load distributed across 8 nodes of pressure rather than 10. Think of it like this, if you had 2 suspension bridges...
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    I built my first cast bronze snare!

    So it's a new product and I'm still trying to nail down the price. A lot of it depends on how/where you're buying it, (i.e. if Reverb is going to take 7.7%), how far it needs to ship, etc. Right now I've priced three cast bronze snares for customers and they have all been less than $2,000...
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    I built my first cast bronze snare!

    John at Duluth!
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    I built my first cast bronze snare!

    I just finished up building my first cast bronze snare! I had originally intended to sell this snare, but after playing it you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands. I haven't decided if I'm going to leave it to my next-of-kin or be buried with it. 6.5x14", 3mm thick matching cast bronze...
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    International Shipping ?'s

    In my experience international shipments are much cheaper and easier with USPS. No matter what company you choose, if you are shipping internationally you will need to fill out a customs form declaring what the item is, it's value and the reason you are shipping it. The paperwork is pretty...
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    Built this snare to sell, but ...

    The drum looks fantastic, but so do the pictures. Did you remove the logos from the heads?
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    Pearl Chad Smith Signature snare Value

    Reverb will show you the price history of drums so you can get an idea of the market value:
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    Mixer for drums

    I have the Soundcraft Notepad 12FX, which doesn't have as many XLR inputs as you're looking for, but I think it's a great little mixer. I especially like how compact it is, it fits on a 12x12" tray table with room to spare.
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    Seamed, Seamless, Rolled, Spun, Cast...What's the Difference in Sound and Durability?

    This is an important point that is easy to be overlooked. Brass from a century ago isn't the same as brass from a foundry today. But keep in mind that even today a company could be using C230 brass and another could be using C360 brass. Just because it's a "brass drum" doesn't mean it's the...
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    Seamed, Seamless, Rolled, Spun, Cast...What's the Difference in Sound and Durability?

    Speaking in very broad strokes, there are three common ways of forming metal shells. The first is casting, most of the drum shells that I've seen are either sand cast or centrifugally cast. Centrifugal casting molds are spun as the molten metal is poured, the material is distributed in the...