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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    Heck yeah there's difference between a 24, 26 & 28. If they are "padded down", IMO, they'd all suck, but made to sound like a BASS DRUM, there's a big difference in feel, action and sound. The 28 has the most feel of the head moving, even though I play OFF the head. Big, full sound, not really...
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    Can there be too much sustain?

    I love drums that sound like this. They sound like DRUMS. Put music with it, and all the "extra" blends in and the music sounds alive IMO. CAN there be "too much" sustain? ...Yeah, when recording our last cd, I had to back off on the tuning of my floor toms a little because the sustain was...
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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    I love "gear". I really have zero to say about what anyone buys, or how they use it. I "like" or gravitate toward certain things, but that's aesthetic based, and everyone does that. Little things have drawn me in--like the old Rogers hi hat clutch that was used by everyone in the late 60's...
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    Heck yeah they do. I outfitted ALL of my floor tom legs with them (10 sets or more). Really great, easily achieved tone/sustain from these compared to not having them.
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    Light-weight Hardware

    Yes, it is a shorter leg span than the DW 6000. It also has a more "normal" spring feel than DW's "floating" spring. There is a nice adjustment for the footboard angle that is very secure also. Really nice feeling and sturdy hat stand for a great price. This whole line is REALLY stable. I had...
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    I need a new cymbal bag

    The straps are super sturdy on everything. The sewing on this stuff is great.
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    I need a new cymbal bag

    I completely LOVE my 24" Beato cymbal bag. It has the hi hat pouch, and it also has a nice pouch that holds several pair of sticks. The hook clasps on the bag are fantastic, as are the zippers. The padding is superior also IMO. Also, they can make something a little differently if you need too...
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    Light-weight Hardware

    I have used flat base stands exclusively for 10 years. I also have kids that aren't always careful... Flat base gear that is stable: DW 6000 straight and boom. 10 years of use and not one issue. I also use 20-24" cymbals with them. Best, stable, lightweight hi hat--Tama Classic flat base. I...
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    Worth having 2 kits ?

    I have 2 kits with some extra sizes to swap out, and I'm glad I do. I also have the space for all of it without needing/paying for extra storage which makes a difference too. I had 3 kits, but one always just ended staying on the shelf, so I'm not unhappy I sold the 3rd a few years ago. I'm...
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    How to get past a prejudice

    Is your cousin still playing, and is he still an A-Hole?? I also made the leap to get over some "stuff" over the last 10 years or so. Various little things. Stuff I just got over I guess. Totally unreasonable things of course haha. In '86, I got a Tama snare-which SHOULD have been great, as it...
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    Supraphonic. Too much boing?

    If you haven't already, check out the 6.5 acro too. To MY ear it has a more "beefy" sound than a 402, with a little of the twang IF you tune it in. It's not just "there" without dampening, or purposely tuning it out. I guess that's why people liked the internal muffler.... I've kept my Hammered...
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    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    Good to see people have each others back here, and I'm not saying this to be a dick, but, does anyone go through posts to see if anything is resolved before getting "mad" and taking the time to type half a paragraph anymore?? ...way back in post #43 which was almost 2 days ago now. I...
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    Have you ever happily downgraded your drums/cymbals?

    I love the Ludwig Supralite. It sounds like it costs a lot more than $199. I even like it with the stock heads that come on it. I have Bronze, and Black Nickel BB's, a COB, a hammered 402, a straight shell brass, and various wood snares as my "upper level" snares. The 6.5 Supralite I have can...
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    Thoughts on Matching Snare Drums

    I've tended to gravitate toward either Chrome, Brass or Black (Black Nickel) on my snares. I have a red sparkle kit, and a black glass glitter kit. I have a couple black glass wood shell snares, not really to "match" but because I love the finish. I also have a gold sparkle snare, and acrolite...
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    Thoughts on Matching Snare Drums

    But you have a blue kit, right??
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    Thoughts on DW drums!

    DW makes great stuff. TBH, the Standard Collectors shell has been my least favorite shell they offer, BUT, I still really like the original, slightly thicker re-ringed shell they had--which is offered now as the "Santa Monica" shell. I dig ALL of their straight shells. The mid-level shells are...
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    Black or black?

    I like the black nickel hardware on black shells, since it shines like regular chrome. I haven't liked the glossy powdercoated looking hardware.
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    Just Discovered I Own John Bonham's Speed King 201 Pedal as Heard on Led Zeppelin III

    THAT'S IT!!! THAT'S THE ONE!!!! OMG, you're gonna get big bucks for that pedal. Wish I had the bread for it.... Boo hoo, I'll miss out again...
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    Bass drum - bury or rebound?

    No matter if I play flat footed, or raise the foot, I play off the head (rebound) 99.9% of the time.
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    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    Jeez, I actually LOST weight at one point--almost 20 lbs, but I gained it back, and a few more during all this. I'm mad that I gained the weight back that I lost, but when it starts NOT being freezing out, I can walk more and drop the pounds again. This whole thing has just sucked the life out...