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  1. rcopo69

    Things you learn after 50 years not knowing

    There must have been many Urban myths ?? The urban myth I was always told the song was about, was Warren Beatty, after they dated in the early 70's, but I did not know Mick Jagger sang back ground in You're So Vain.
  2. rcopo69

    My Latest Drum Purchase: Summit Drums Solid Steam Bent Curly Maple Drumset

    ** Wow,** That's One Beautiful Drum Set !!!! I was going to call it a One Beautiful Drum Kit, but that many drums is most definitely a Drum Set. Solid steam bent maple has always been, and will always be in style !!
  3. rcopo69

    Favorite Ludwig Wrap

    Man, that's a hard question !! In my case it would be easier to answer the ones I dislike the most, because it would be a much smaller number. One group of Ludwig wraps that more then likely will not be mentioned here, are the Standard Line wraps that were produced from May, 1968 & discontinued...
  4. rcopo69

    Best Concert You’ve Seen ???

    Woodstock, August 1969. Went back last year for the 50th, & Carlos was there on the day I went in 2019, & he & his band are still jamming 50 years later. I now have my original tickets, except for Sunday, which I have no clue what happened to Sunday's & that's actually is in more ways, then just...
  5. rcopo69

    Hello: I don't know how this works, but I got an alert on 6/10/2020, & when I click on it, it...

    Hello: I don't know how this works, but I got an alert on 6/10/2020, & when I click on it, it stated say something. so here's something from another South Dakotan, at least at birth in Box Elder, SD. I hope your everything must go sale is that it's time, because you want to do it, & not that...
  6. rcopo69

    Here comes the "must sell" sales

    Same thing I told I told CashmanBashman, There's a GOOD place for you !! Very Kind of you BlueShadow !! Makes you a good man in my eyes !!
  7. rcopo69

    Here comes the "must sell" sales

    There's a GOOD place for you !! Very Kind of you CashmanBashman !! Makes you a good man in my eyes !!
  8. rcopo69

    Aluminum Snare Advice

    I don't know what your preference or flavor of drums are, but you can pick up a decent Ludwig Acrolite with out breaking the bank. You could more then likely find one here, but if not, eBay normally has a sh!t load listed.
  9. rcopo69

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    2nd Grade, 1958. I think my parents had dreams for me to be the next Jimmy Dean or Lawrence Welk, but it was just another let down I gave them over the years. They had me taking private accordion lessons over the summer, after 1st grade. Where my Mom dropped me off at the music studio for...
  10. rcopo69

    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    The 1st rock band I can remember was Three Dog Night in the mid 1960's.
  11. rcopo69

    WANTED: Ludwig Standard Red Astro Snare Drum

    Hi: I'm looking to buy a Ludwig Standard Red Astro 5" X 14" Snare. All original preferred with original P-83, but will consider a Red Astro wrap shell if the price is right. I want to add & replace the S-102 (Acrolite style) that came with my S-300X kit. Cheers & Thank You, Rick.