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  1. michaeldangelo

    (SOLD) Zildjian 20" A Take Five Reissue Ride (2166g)

    Hello all, Traded this cymbal with another DFO member. These reissues surely have a vibe, but I found myself not using it as much as all the other cymbals I have. (Which, if you know me, it's a lot of them!) Edit: SOLD!
  2. michaeldangelo

    Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Series (VIDEO)

    There was a recent thread about the new Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz series cymbals and I managed to buy a set from Memphis Drum Shop when they were released a couple of weeks ago. I made a video showcasing these great cymbals with one of John Riley's great play-a-longs. Enjoy!
  3. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash (1419g)

    Here's one I've had for a while that I just don't use as much anymore. It's a beautiful Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash dating back to the early 2010s when they first came out. It has all the things you love about dry, thin cymbals. Check out the video below, or a lot of the videos on my...
  4. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride (2287g)

    Hi all, I bought this cymbal this summer. Because of the pandemic, I've hardly played it and it's been sitting in the bag... it's never been out of the house! It's a great example of the newer Special Dry cymbals: dark, dry, and versatile for a variety of musical situations. It's only been...
  5. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Pearl 6.5"x14" Modern Utility Beaded Steel Snare Drum (w/ Upgrades!)

    The Modern Utility series from Pearl set the benchmark for well built, affordable snare drums. This one is made even better with numerous upgrades that transform this drum into a semi-professional or professional model. The 6.5" steel beaded shell is bright and cutting but still has plenty of...
  6. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Ottaviano 22" Paper Thin Ride (2075g) – Old K vibes!

    I'm probably going to regret this one... I traded @tischrealdrum for this cymbal a couple of months ago, and I love the way it sounds. I just have too many 22's that I use to justify keeping this one, and I always believe someone should own an instrument they'll be playing all the time. This...
  7. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 20" SLP (K Con MTL) (2018g) Owned by Peter Erskine!

    Hi all, This is a one-of-a-kind cymbal owned by the great Peter Erskine. It's a Zildjian Sound Lab Prototype which would become the K Constantinople Med. Thin Low series. I purchased this cymbal to contribute to the Victor McElhaney scholarship fund at USC. I don't play it too much and want it...
  8. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 14" K Constantinople Light Hi-hats (828g/1104g)

    Hi all, These are a beautiful pair of Zildjian K Con Light Hi-hats in basically new condition. I've only played them a handful of times. Edit: Sold! These particular hi-hats are made exclusively for Memphis Drum Shop. The tops are a little lighter than standard K Con hats and this particular...
  9. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 14" 1953 Trans Stamp Hi-hats (Restored!) (715g/740g)

    Hi everyone, This is a beautiful pair of Zildjian 14" Trans Stamp hi-hat cymbals. The stamp dates these cymbals to 1953. Edit: Sold! I made a number of modifications to this cymbal; the video explains these modifications in detail. The mounting hole was enlarged to the current standard 1/2"...
  10. michaeldangelo

    [TRADED] Funch 20" Overhammered Ride (1719g)

    I bought a Funch last month and a couple of days ago it finally arrived. This is a beautiful sounding cymbal, but unfortunately for me, it sounds too much like the cymbal I was trying to pair it with, and am looking for something else to contrast it. It's very dark and soft and has an amazing...
  11. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Istanbul Agop 15" OM Hats (953g/1134g)

    Hi all, Here's a beautiful pair of Istanbul Agop 15" OM Hi-hats weighing 953 and 1134 grams. I recently bought a new pair of 15's and don't have a need for these anymore. They are only a couple of months old and in like-new condition. Asking $425 plus shipping. Thanks for looking!
  12. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Paiste 14" Masters Dark Hi-Hats (742g/1154g)

    Hi all, Here's a great pair of hi-hats from the Paiste Masters line. Dark, complex, but with that never harsh Paiste brightness we all know and love. These make a great pair of all-around hi-hats. I've used them in a bunch of different settings and they always fit. These hats are in excellent...
  13. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 18" 1960s A Crash/Ride

    Hi all, Here's another one I'm thinning out. It's a beautiful 60s era Zildjian A. It weighs 1468g and makes a beautiful crash/ride; a nice mellow crash, but plenty of stick definition for riding. There is a slight keyhole (check the photos) but has no impact on sound quality. It's also drilled...
  14. michaeldangelo

    Meinl 24” R&D Concept Model (Foundry Reserve Thin Ride)

    Hey guys, I wanted to share one of my recent acquisitions that’s pretty unique. I came across a bunch of Meinl prototypes on Reverb from Badges Drum Shop in Ohio and this one definitely stood out to me. It’s based on the Foundry Reserve series, but this particular cymbal is thinner than most...
  15. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 13" K Hi-Hats (1994 Laser Stamp) (748g/1019g)

    This pair of Zildjian 13" K Hi-Hats are from the first production year where Zildjian started to laser etch the stamp with date-coded serial numbers. This date code is from 1994 and is the next iteration of American K's from the IAK model years. This is a great all-around pair of hi-hats in...
  16. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Complex Ride 2019 Prototype (1900g) Mint Condition!

    This one is rare for sure! This is a Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Complex Ride Prototype made for Maxwell Drum Shop's K Day 2019. This was a very limited production run exclusively for this event, and there are only 4 cymbals of this size in existence. The model is based on the Dry Complex Ride...
  17. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Istanbul Agop 20" OM Crash (1750g) Like New!

    Thinning out some more cymbals. Here's a great sounding Istanbul Agop 20" OM Crash. I barely played this one – I don't think it's even left the house for a gig. This one makes a great crash/ride. Opens up beautifully but also has enough stick definition to use as a left side or light ride...
  18. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Istanbul Agop 13” Signature Hi-Hats

    Hello all, Doing some "summer" cleaning and have a lot of nice cymbals here that I don't use as much anymore. 13" Istanbul Agop Signature Hi-Hats (729g/795g) SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride w/ Bag (2239g) SOLD 20" Istanbul Agop Signature Ride (1723g) SOLD 14" Istanbul Agop 30th...
  19. michaeldangelo

    [SOLD] Istanbul Agop 14" Signature Hi-Hats (776g/956g)

    Hi all, Here's a pair of Istanbul Agop 14" Signature Hi-Hats. I acquired these recently, but do not need them. I've only played them once, and are essentially brand new. SOLD as of 6/16 Now $400 w/ free shipping. Thanks for looking!
  20. michaeldangelo

    Click Theory 2.0

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, but I wanted to share an instructional series that I uploaded to YouTube some years ago. It's called Click Theory 2.0, an expansion of the concept of using the metronome in different ways, displacing it to different parts of the beat and using the metronome to create...