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  1. jkuhl

    Please help my friends with a chance to perform at the Grammy awards.

    Pardon me if this seems forward but I'm only trying to help some good friends secure a chance at performing at this year's Grammy awards. You can help by voting as many times as you like for Donn T through the attached link. She and her bandmates are amazingly hard workers and I would love any...
  2. jkuhl

    SOLD!!Yamaha SubkickSOLD!!

    Yamaha sub kick in fantastic cosmetic and working condition . 250 shipped obo to the lower 48. Paypal gift or add 3%. Will include XLR cable and coming...
  3. jkuhl

    SOLD!!5.75x14 Daville Birdseye Stave with Birdseye segmented stellar hoopsSOLD!!

    This is a 5.75x14 Birdseye maple stave shell from Daville. The shell is finished in a high gloss clear and has an accent stripe of purpleheart framed in wenge. The shell is 3/8" with fully rounded edges. The hoops (a true work of art and sound sublime) are birdseye maple die cast contoured...
  4. jkuhl

    SOLD YAMAHA PHX 3 pc in textured black burst 12 16 18 $2750 shipped SOLD

    So I'm selling the remaining drums from my 6pc PHX. It really is hard to do this as these are my holy grail drums. Since moving into a new home I no longer have the ability to play acoustic. This kit has been seeing use in the studio where I play nearly 1.5 hrs away. Yes its an amazing studio...
  5. jkuhl

    SOLD 6.5x14 Drumcraft cast aluminum SOLD

    SOLD 6.5x14 Drumcraft cast aluminum snare drum for sale. The drum is in excellent condition and sounds great. I just have too many snares and this one has to go as a result. $315 shipped in the US paypal gift or add 3%. SOLD
  6. jkuhl

    SOLD!!Unused Tunebot $70 shipped in the US SOLD!!

    SOLD!!I have a lightly used Pearl S1030 snare stand for sale. It's in excellent/mint condition and has seen very little use. The basket will adjust up to a 16" drum if I'm correct, $95 shipped in the US.SOLD!! SOLD!!Additionally I have for sale a completely unused Tunebot. Bought one out of...
  7. jkuhl


    SOLD!!I have for sale a first gen dw 9000 single in excellent condition, it comes with the carrying bag and accessories. This pedal has less than a few months use. Asking $165 shipped in the US.SOLD!! SOLD!!Next is a barely used Yamaha DS 840 throne that I acquired in a trade last week...
  8. jkuhl

    Traded!6pc SONOR SQ2 High Gloss American Walnut Heavy Beech Shells. Traded!

    I've decided to sell my SQ2. The sizes are 8x7 10x8 12x8 14x13 16x15 and 22x16. I will include the infamous SONOR Rocket Launcher, 3 tom arms and 6 floor tom legs for the floors. The shells are all heavy beech and are veneered in high gloss American Walnut. SONOR president Karl Heinz Menzel...
  9. jkuhl

    65 acro 165 plus shippinG in the US

    Great drum. I added a baseball bat muffler after acquiring this drum and it also came to me with a p85. The drum is in great shape for being 50 and of course sounds killer. Anyone looking for an Acro would not be disappointed. I'll get some good pics up tonight or tomorrow. Asking 165 plus...
  10. jkuhl

    SONOR Delite 5x14, die cast, dual glide, walnut brown burst SOLD

    This drum is in amazing condition and sounds great. German SONOR is the real deal and their snares are especially superb.This is a 5x14 maple shell with rerings (vintage maple on SQ2 or the same exact shell as the new prolite). I upgraded the strainer to the new dual glide (phenomenal strainer)...
  11. jkuhl

    SOLD!!SONOR One Of A Kind Snare Red Tigerwood!!SOLD

  12. jkuhl

    Has anyone had a chance to play the birch walnut Saturns? If so tell me about it.

    Just wondering if anyone on this forum has had a chance to play the birch walnut saturn kits? I know they are limited to only 5 star shops so I can't imagine there are too many floating around out there. I have watched the youtube vid with Lee Pearson and liked what I heard and saw. So just...
  13. jkuhl

    Hey guys brand new here was told to join this site

    Hey everybody I am brand new to this forum. I was told by a member of the pdf to join this forum as a possible venue to offer my Gretsch New Classic bop kit for sale. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this. If anyone is interested I will be happy to consider all offers. I have been...