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  1. ppfd

    OT - New laptop

    Looking at a new laptop in the near future and have a few questions for you all. Been a Apple / MacBook Pro and air user for well over 10 years now. I have no real issue with the hardware or software and my complaints stem from the whole sealed system, no user upgradable parts, the need for...
  2. ppfd

    OT - job app/interview questions

    Wanted to get some opinions from the on line folks I trust that for the most part are not in my job field. I'm a nurse (RN) by trade, took a job recently at a small rural hospital. What they call a critical access hospital. I work in what they call the "SCU" or special care unit. It is sort of...
  3. ppfd

    Neil Peart Free books

    Not sure if this has been brought up or not. I bow hunt and found out about this on a bowhunting site I frequent. Audible, in tribute to Neil has all his books for free. Not sure how long but, here to is.
  4. ppfd

    Gear and temps?

    Cleaning out my storage unit for an upcoming move and I found 2 drum heads that were in the corner I had forgot about. Along with some drums and a large quantity cymbals, I knew I had. 1 Remo bass head and an Evans tom head, don't remember the models. Best guess is these are both 10-15 years...
  5. ppfd

    Mapex customer service

    So I've been interested in the Armory and Saturn lines for some time. With demise of the Mapex users form information is hard to come by on sizes. The Mapex website is about 2 steps above the Yamaha site in formation and usefulness. I did the adult thing and sent the question via the website...
  6. ppfd

    Sabian custom shop

    Is now on line. Played around with it last night. Starts with blank and turns into your cymbal when finished with a price. I made a 21 heavy ride with a raw bell and tthen a leopard style ride, and a few chines. Ride price was around $600.00 not sure if thats list or what. You take the...
  7. ppfd

    OT UPS Complaint

    I know a lot of you all use UPS to ship things anyone file a complaint and have any luck with it. I bought a simple iPad case. Seller site did not state that a PO Box is an unacceptable form of address. Yet I see UPS dropping and picking up from the post office daily So my case is sitting at...
  8. ppfd

    Ludwig Classic Maple??'s

    Just looking for ideas and have a few questions on dealers and ordering. Dealers? I know it has been mentioned here in the past and I can't find it in a search, who would be the best to get a price from? The new electrostatic finishes, anyone know if these are wraps, lacquers, or what? Will...
  9. ppfd

    DW Design verses Perfomance lines

    While we are on a DW "kick" :laughing5: Anyone compare these two lines? Design is made overseas and performance is made in the states. Exception of the lugs, the hardware looks similar. I've listened to a lot of YT videos and they both sound really similar and really great.
  10. ppfd

    Cold storage of drums

    Since splitting with my longtime GF, I had to rent a small storage unit to keep items in. With winter here, will leaving drums and cymbals in there be OK? Everything is boxed up. I only have 3 snare drums in there and some octabons. 2 snares are wood and the other is brass. I do have a crap ton...
  11. ppfd

    OT 25 years

    My lady has decided to end our relationship after 25 years together. :crybaby: We never married, and I really don't have an answer as to why. In a nutshell, I ran out of chances or do overs. She said, I had too much moodiness, flew off the handle a little too much, a little to lazy as far as...
  12. ppfd

    Krut Cymbal?

    My daughter is a chef, she is in the process of opening a new restaurant, while cleaning the previous restaurant out she found a Krut cymbal, around 16" thin looks to be a crash. It was "signed" by some I'm guessing local band that played at the previous establishment in sharpy. What can I...
  13. ppfd


    Used to be a member years ago, then there some issues I believe. Anyway, I guess I signed up again and don't remember. I got a confirmation email the other night telling me to log in with my password? I see the site is running, you all think that is a legit confirmation email? Just seems...
  14. ppfd

    Sabian Crash(s)

    Sabian crash cymbals Which line, series, sizes, lets hear it! Thinking something dark but, I want to see what you all recommend. Thinking about picking up at least two, as I've always had love for Canadian metal.
  15. ppfd

    OT Ebay return question

    Figure you all can help me with this. I bought a tool for work. What I received was not the one shown in the description photo. The written description makes no reference to the item being sold as one different from the photo. Pretty sure this is covered under eBay policy. I'm opening...
  16. ppfd

    OT Chris Squire passes

    Just read Chris Squire bassist of Yes has passed away at 67. First show I ever attended, 90125 tour.
  17. ppfd

    Free Drum Tuner App

    Found this today in app ticker. Free- don't know for how long!
  18. ppfd

    OT New TV

    Alright gents I'm in the market for a new TV, and its pretty darn overwhelming! What I want - 40 to 50" LCD or is it LED? As many HDMI ports as I can get. So far I've found 4 WiFi would be great. What I want to do- Ditch cable ($178.00 a month) Run a Roku with netflix, hulu, etc...
  19. ppfd

    Garageband Free Grab it quick!
  20. ppfd

    OT- Ebay returns

    Question gents, I bought a part for my truck and it doesn't fit said vehicle. Seller wants me to reimburse them for the free shipping they provided. Is this correct, I looked around ebay and can't find an answer. I have zero problem paying for shipping back to them, not sure on the above though?