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  1. Bongo Brad

    Two new ideas for bass drum and hi hat:

    What about the old style bd pedals that would hit cymbal? Reconstruct one to hit the hoop instead.
  2. Bongo Brad

    Which cymbal topper do you use?

    All my stands are set up for the Trick quick release, but most of the time they go topless.
  3. Bongo Brad

    Removing SKU stickers from cymbals?

    Probably doesn’t matter, but it gives me peace of mind. It should be sale date not manufacture, so the sticker might help at the store. I’ve even written purchase dates on stickers. And I haven’t needed it yet.
  4. Bongo Brad

    Your Ride Stand

    It’s been so long since I gigged my kit I don’t even remember what stand is up in the practice room.
  5. Bongo Brad

    Removing SKU stickers from cymbals?

    I recommend leaving the sticker until the warranty expires.
  6. Bongo Brad

    Remove fingerprints from cymbals

    Is Zimms still on the market? It’s been a long time since I have used it. I remember it being a little rough on my skin.
  7. Bongo Brad

    Your BEST Cymbal?

    24.5 trans stamp 22 Skibba 20 Laurist 15 a flange hats
  8. Bongo Brad

    ok old fart // renooB question here (triple pedal)

    Ask Stanton Moore.
  9. Bongo Brad

    To Do List:

    Free shipping
  10. Bongo Brad

    OT: What's for dinner?

    So good last night we’ll do it again today. (Plus I got 12 half pounders free st work yesterday.)
  11. Bongo Brad

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Nice enough to grill
  12. Bongo Brad

    To celebrate St Patrick's Day I'm playing only green drums today

    Do they still make green drums louder that other drums? Or is it just green sparkle?
  13. Bongo Brad


    I’m with JP on the tops being the same. If you can find a quick best bottom you could try it with your new best top.
  14. Bongo Brad

    K istanbul 22" or Trans stamp

    Pm sent
  15. Bongo Brad

    K istanbul 22" or Trans stamp

    If you give up on the 22”, I have a 20” TS I’d let go.
  16. Bongo Brad

    Well dang, how to remove this stain from Camco Oaklawn

    Were they factory gaskets or something homemade? I would hope drum makers would be more selective in their choice of material.
  17. Bongo Brad

    Polyurethane Coatings...tough bastards...

    Maybe let Mother Nature have a shot at it. Leave it outside for a few months.
  18. Bongo Brad

    "Mark Threads Read"

    Love the mark threads read feature
  19. Bongo Brad

    OT: How fat have you gotten since quarantine started?

    I’ve gained my Covid-19.