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  1. equipmentdork

    Source for snare drum hoop clips?

    I gifted a friend of mine a near mint 6-lug Ludwig and Ludwig snare in the late 80s. As he was purging his collection, after asking delicately, he decided to return it to me. I wasn't insulted in the least. Sadly, he never met a case or bag that he liked, so this drum has fallen into disrepair...
  2. equipmentdork

    Steely Dan/Black Friday - Jeff Porcaro's (mostly) isolated drum track

    I'm guessing this is dbx-free. It sounds awesome. The sounds aren't being choked to death. Seems like there are cymbal crash overdubs and a few additional Becker guitar lines. There seems to be slight latency issue with a few tracks. Enjoy! Dan
  3. equipmentdork

    Your favorite albums to play to? Recommendations welcomed.

    Hey, looks like I might actually have A GIG this month! Haven't played a full one since September, and I'll admit I have let the grass grow around my basement practice kit(I know, bad!!) Yesterday, as I drilled the entire set I'll be playing, I felt it. Bigtime. It was 90 minutes of playing...
  4. equipmentdork

    TAMA Hoop Grip MC8 - How did I miss this thing?

    I saw this on one of my Facebook groups. I understand it was designed to enable one to mount a small splash or accessory off of a drum, but I've seen people using them to convert mounted toms to floor toms; Just grip it to the hoop and slide the leg through! I'll admit that they are...
  5. equipmentdork

    Why? (eBay edition) Can someone explain?

    Every now and then, I become simply baffled not only what people do to drums, but also listings, tall tales, and of course asking prices. This one piqued my interest. Was Lorena Bobbitt making drums for Pearl? Why turn nice Session drums into Tupperware? Why the prototype story? Questions come...
  6. equipmentdork

    Site navigation is slow lately

    Clicking on a thread or forum takes more than 10 seconds to happen. I have noticed this in the past few days, fyi. Dan
  7. equipmentdork

    Keeping warm at a possible OUTDOOR gig!

    As crazy as it seems, my band may be getting hired by a town to play outdoors soon. I cannot turn down the money, so I have to take what's offered. Last week, I saw my girlfriend's band play outside, and they were freezing. It was 30 degrees, and the restaurant made a feeble attempt to provide...
  8. equipmentdork

    Your WORST studio experience?

    Inspired by the recent thread about worst gigs. I imagine there are many ways a gig could go sideways, but I think recording has far more potential for suck than a gig because one is usually multitracking, etc., so the suck can last for hours, days, weeks, etc. Sometimes, the suck doesn't...
  9. equipmentdork

    Good recorded examples of a snare that "pops"

    I'm educating my girlfriend about all things drums and studio and things of that nature. When I think of a "pop" sound from a snare, two examples spring to mind first: 1. "Get Ready" by Rare Earth 2. "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind Any other favorite "pop" sounds? Dan
  10. equipmentdork

    Drumming Nightmares

    I'm not talking about hellish gigs or a new show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. I'm talking about anxiety-corrupted nighttime dreams of disaster, like you get a gig with a major artist and you go out to find that your car has three wheels and no windshield, things like that. Do you have any? I had a...
  11. equipmentdork

    My online "selling" experience: KICK ME.

    Kick Me Long ago, I owned a blue-fronted Amazon parrot named Lance. He was essentially a nice bird, but he had a mean streak. While standing in his cage, he would make a gesture with his legs that said "I want you to pick me up" in a friendly way. Once I got close enough, however, he would try...
  12. equipmentdork

    OT: What should I look for in a health plan?

    I'm in between jobs and need a health care plan until I find my next day gig. The premiums are wildly different in price. What kind of things should I look for? There's no sense in paying a low premium if I have pay through the nose for meds, for example. Any advice or recommendations very much...
  13. equipmentdork

    "Gold" level member screen names are difficult to see

    I just noticed that the lighter colors are impossible to discern, at least on my monitor, without the addition of maybe a dropshadow or a darker color. Dan
  14. equipmentdork

    How much, if any, studio drumming did Rick Allen do after High n' Dry?

    I recently heard a soloed-up track of the drums on Photograph and by themselves, surprisingly, they sounded programmed, sequenced, sampled, Fairlighted, whatever was available in 81/82. I always liked Rick's playing and I'm *not* trying to slag him off, but I don't hear much in the way of what...
  15. equipmentdork

    Tuning a 14" floor tom into a 16" range

    Hello All, I have a Pearl MLX 14" floor tom that I'm trying to get a lower note out of, closer to 16" land. I know that what I'm asking for isn't unreasonable, as my 14" Pearl Sessions floor tom does it standing on its head(pun unintended). The Sessions drum has a clear Emperor over a clear...
  16. equipmentdork

    Yamaha Floor Tom Bracket Wingnuts

    I need two of the 80s version. Anyone got a few? Dan
  17. equipmentdork

    Listen to a podcast with Ronnie Zito

    Hello All, My musical associate and longtime friend Rick has a podcast in which he interviews people involved with music in the Hudson Valley. This week, Part 1 of 2 with session ace Ronnie Zito(Bobby Darin, Barry Manilow, Frankie Valli, Woody Herman, jingles, TV/movie soundtracks, NYC/LA...
  18. equipmentdork

    WTB: Premier wingnut

    I need one just like this. This is a Heritage Club 8x20 bass drum. Let me know if you have one. Thanks! Dan
  19. equipmentdork

    You don't see THIS every day.

    There's no preview, but it seems to be there. Go ahead and play it. Dan
  20. equipmentdork

    Stock snare wires for a Supra?

    I love the sound of my 1998 LM400. I need new wires and want to stay as close to stock as possible. What should I get? Dan