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    Finally took some good photos of my champagne Slingerlands

    I posted a few indoor photos in the Slingerland thread, but I got them outside today for some proper photos. 1971-72 Slingerland in beautiful champagne sparkle! 8x12, 9x13, 16x16, 14x20 3-ply shells with chocolate milk interior. These suckers are 99% original! Every nut, bolt and screw is...
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    SOLD!!! 15" Vintage A Zildjian hi hats, 960g/1450g

    SOLD!!! EDIT: The Kerope single has sold. But I'm leaving the photos here in case someone just wants to check it out. This is a nice, smooth, buttery pair of 1970's thin stamp A Zildjian hats. 960/1450. Super mellow, with a good chick. Edges are good. No cracks. Slightly enlarged hole on the...
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    SOLD!!! 6.5x14 Custom black brass snare, built with World Max shell. Gibraltar wood hoop included - $200

    SOLD!!! 6.5x14 black brass snare drum. Condition is 9.5/10. If you hold it in just the right light, you might see one or two very minor surface marks. I couldn't find any, but I just want to be on the safe side with my description. World Max shell 8 tube lugs Gibraltar throw Dunnett butt Stick...
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    NGD: The Bettis Cousins (Pork Pie snare)

    I've been wanting one of these for a while, and I finally picked up a 6.5x14 Pork Pie snare with the Bettis B20 wrap. Goes perfectly with my 21" Bettis ride! Both were born about the same time in 2018. Fortunately the snare is NOS, and apparently has just been sitting on the shelf for the past...
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    What paint for bass drum hoops?

    What paint do you guys like to use for bass drum hoops? I haven't painted hoops in years, but I would like to repaint my Slingerland hoops.
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    Anyone ever played/used Eames shells?

    I'm contemplating building another kit, and Eames shells have always intrigued me. Has anyone played or built a kit made with them?
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    SOLD 1970-71 Slingerland Stands - 2 Buddy Rich cymbal, Rocket snare, Dynamo hi hat, Tempo King BD pedal - $125 Complete set of Slingerland stands and hardware. These came with a complete 1970-71 Slingerland "New Rock Outfit" kit I bought. Everything works and functions...
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    SOLD! 1970-71 Slingerland COB snare, 5x14

    I have it listed on Reverb, but I am more than happy to sell it here instead. Click on the Reverb link for photos. 1970-71 Slingerland Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum...
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    Brilliant finish at home?

    How would one go about doing a brilliant finish at home? I’m more interested in the “burnished” finish that Zildjian used in the 1950’s, and the finish Istanbul uses on the Xist series. Not looking for the super reflective modern Zildjian brilliant finish. I assume it involves a polishing wheel...
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    Someone buy this before I do! 14" Block stamp!

    Found this on Music Go Round.
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    Paint product for Slingerland chocolate milk interior?

    I posted this on VDF, but thought I would ask here too... I'm having the edges recut on my Slingerland set, and I want to repaint them chocolate milk to match the original interiors. I'll have the paint store match the color, but not sure what product to use. I assume oil was used originally...
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    Remo Suede vs Coated?

    Anyone have any experience comparing Remo coated with the regular or white Suede? They sound pretty similar in the videos I looked up, but I'm curious is they differ much in person.
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    Champagne Sparkle Slingerland (I have the best wife ever!)

    I found these on the GC site, and my wife told me to buy them. Who am I to argue? Honestly though, she's just really tired of hearing me talk about how much I want a champagne sparkle Slingerland kit. Plus they're 12, 13, 16, 20...the sizes I prefer. They appear to be in pretty good...
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    Got my Nordic shells today!

    For black Friday I pulled the trigger on a set of shells from Nordic. I've heard great things about them, and I couldn't pass up 30% off. I got their Heritage series in maple/poplar. Sizes are 8x12, 9x13, 12x14, 14x16 and...
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    14" floor tom - 6 lug or 8 lug?

    Which do you prefer, and why? I've never owned a 6 lug, but I know Ludwig used that for their Club Date drums. BTW, this is for a custom build.
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    My friend's vintage score! Rogers drums, and a Gene Krupa contract!

    My buddy just sent these photos to me, and I thought I would share them here. An elderly neighbor of his passed away recently, and he's been doing some work for the gentleman's widow. She heard he was a drummer, and asked if he would accept her late husband's drums as payment, as long as he took...
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    SOLD: Hendrix Perfect Ply Walnut kit, in excellent condition - 12, 16, 22

    I started a thread about modifying this kit, but I decided I should sell it rather than modify it. These drums are beautiful and they really do sound great. At the end of the day, I would love for them to go to a good home. Here is a link to the Hendrix site with specs for the kit...
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    Should I modify or sell?

    I have recently acquired a (mostly) new Hendrix Perfect Ply walnut kit. It was used as a NAMM demo kit, but never gigged. It is a GORGEOUS looking kit, in excellent condition, and sounds really nice. Here's the problem...the bass drum is...
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    SOLD Keller 12X20 bass drum shell - maple/poplar without re-rings EDIT: with or without bearing edges

    Selling a 12x20 Keller 6 ply maple/poplar shell, without reinforcing rings. This is thicker than their standard 6-ply shell, about the thickness of their 8-ply shell. This is the same as their vintage maple shell, but without the rings. I have two of these, so I’m selling one. They are brand...