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  1. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    Hi, I started to play 4 months ago. I live in an apartment so I can only play an electronic kit at the moment. I use an Alesis Turbo Mesh kit in combination with EZdrummer (MIDI) and, considering my current level, I can't complain about the gear I use. I'll switch to a better kit as soon as I'll...
  2. Hypercaffium

    LoopBe1+EZdrummer, double bass, and a tricky problem with my Alesis Turbo Mesh kit

    Hi! I've been able to remap almost eveything using LoopBe1 in combination with EZdrummer. I succesfully created a new Pad in LoopBe1 to transform my hi-hat into a second bass drum, so I can play double bass. It works good, but sometimes I hear a hi-hat sound while playing and I think it's the...
  3. Hypercaffium

    Rate my drumming, I'm a noob

    Hi, I started playing drums on december 31st, 2020. I recorded this clip using an Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic Kit, Reaper and EZdrummer 2. This is the drumless track I used: Constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hypercaffium

    MIDI signal losing connection

    Hi, I connected my Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit to my PC and I use it as a MIDI device. I mainly use EZdrummer to play, both the standalone version and the VST (with Reaper). Recently I've noticed that the MIDI signal get lost while I'm playing and I must restart the drums and/or the plugin in order to...
  5. Hypercaffium

    School me on drum sounds

    Hi. I'm new to drumming and I'd like to learn from you guys which are the basic elements that give a specific sound to a drum kit or parts/hardware. I'll make some quick examples, but don't take them seriously because I don't know what I'm talking about. - Gretsch/Tama/Ludwig kits usually sound...
  6. Hypercaffium

    "Proper" foot technique with electronic kit

    Hi, I've started playing drums around two months ago and I bought an Alesis Turbo Mesk kit. It has these kind of pedals: They're just triggers with no "real" mechanical parts, but both work fine for me and I'm not planning to replace them. I naturally developed the habit of playing both heel...
  7. Hypercaffium

    Drums VST plugins with multiple kits?

    Hi, I own an Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic kit and I love playing it through my DAW (Reaper), using a drum plugin (MT Power Drum Kit is my favourite). I'd like to know which plugins offer different kits to choose from (think Rock, Jazz, Electronic etc.), because most of the plugins I've tried...
  8. Hypercaffium

    Mesh head tuning?

    Hi, new drummer here. I'm playing an Alesis Turbo Mesh kit since a month and everything seems to work fine. I never touched the heads and I'm curious about how to tune them. I've searched on many websites and YouTube but didn't find anything helpful. "Tune them until they sound good for you" or...
  9. Hypercaffium

    MIDI USB connection with Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic kit

    Hi, I want to be able to use my kit as a MIDI trigger for drum plugins, so I can change all the sets I want depending on the music. I connected my Turbo Mesh to my PC using the proper cable. Windows recognized the kit without problems and installed drivers, but when I started REAPER and tried to...
  10. Hypercaffium

    Hi, I'm new here

    Hi everybody, I decided to join this community because 1) I'm a complete beginner and 2) many people on TalkBass (which is a lovely place btw) recommended me this place. I'm from Rome, Italy. I'm a 42 years old multi-instrmentalist who loves music but never drummed before. I've been a...