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  1. Ddrummer23

    Assorted vintage snare stands & Throne... Slingerland, LUDWIG & WFL

    Here is a good vintage assortment of snare stands used back in the 50-60s..overall good condition..I will try to highlight any imperfections in photos but ask any questions before buying. I could only post 10 pics if you would like more just let me know. Thx for looking. All stands are $25 each...
  2. Ddrummer23

    Sold: Dunnett Classic 6.5x14 Stainless Steel Snare

    Excellent condition this is a Dunnett 6.5x14 Stainless Steel Polished Snare... w/ of the most desirable on the market. The only issue is the hyper-vent plug is missing. Heads are in VG condition. Any questions please ask before buying. Thanks for looking. PayPal accepted. $500 +...
  3. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Vintage Zildjian 22” Ride

    Zildjian 22” Avedis ride VG condition as can be seen in photos. Nice level cymbal edge all around in good condition. If you wish to clean the patina it will look like a new cymbal. This cymbal weighs 3220 grams... Thanks for looking. $150 + shipping
  4. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Sabian Cymbal Display Unit

    Approximately 1980-2000’s...this was a retail display unit but can be used in studios as well as a mans cave. Great to have around to see what you have at a glance. Everything functions as it should all pieces are there and it looks brand new...comes apart for easy transport. Holds up to 14...
  5. Ddrummer23

    Sold..please remove:Inde 5.5x15 Stainless Steel Snare (Like New)

    This is a 5.5x15 Stainless Steel snare..It has a 1mm thick shell with 8 lugs. The build quality on this snare is amazing. This snare is in better condition than a store demo. It’s like NEW! Will ship in original box. If you need more pics just let me know. Thx for looking. Paypal accepted...will...
  6. Ddrummer23

    Sold: Supraphonic LM400 5x14 1960s

    This one is from ‘67 as you can see the stamp mark in one of the pictures and also displays the desirable Keystone Badge...Ser#582816.... I would rate this as a 9/10...simply because it does not have the original throw off on it, it has a P-85 which used the same holes. This drum has no extra...
  7. Ddrummer23


    Hey guys, going thru a trap case of goodies I came across a part which I’m guessing here that it’s a hi hat clutch possibly Rogers..but I can’t find any info or pics on the web. So that’s what brought me here, I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out. Thx
  8. Ddrummer23

    Sold: Slingerland 5x14 Aluminum Ribbed Snare

    Early 70s ribbed aluminum snare’s the desirable 8 lug model.These are very popular snares that rival the very popular LUDWIG Acrolite snare but never got the recognition it deserved. Shell in very good condition some minor scratches which is expected on a drum this age..throw off...
  9. Ddrummer23

    Remove:Fibes Austin Era Snare Lug

    Looking for snare fibes lug in VG to excellent condition...see pics.
  10. Ddrummer23

    Sold:Rogers 6.5x14 COS SuperTen

    Rogers ‘84 Super Ten COS 6.5x14 snare. This is a 10 lug snare made in the USA these were made from 74’-84’...This was ROGERS answer to the Ludwig Supraphonic. This snare is in very good condition. Everything works exactly as it should. I have put on a new ambassador batter head and will put on...
  11. Ddrummer23

    Sold:LUDWIG Downbeats ‘64

    Vintage 1964 Downbeat drum set in desirable Sky Blue Pearl wrap. Sizes are 14x20..8x12..14x14 shined up well but some typical fade...Batter side hoop is missing some inlay (can be purchased at Precision Drum Co) in NY. Updated cymbal arm bracket on bass drum and one spur bracket has stripped...
  12. Ddrummer23

    Sold: Zildjian A 60s small stamp 20” ride w/rivets.

    Vintage early 60s 20” 3 dot small stamp ride w/rivets..slight keyholing as can be seen in pics as well as patina which can be cleaned up if desired. Edges are very good condition. ...2267.96g Any questions please ask before buying. If you would like more pics just let me know. PayPal accepted...
  13. Ddrummer23

    Vintage LUDWIG Atlas Snare Stand 60s

    Good condition for age most likely late 60’s. Chrome in descent shape missing a rubber foot also one rubber basket holder is more worn than the others, check pics out. If you would like more pics just let me know. Adjustment knob works fine, all bolts have been cleaned and lubricated. Please...
  14. Ddrummer23

    Sold:Vintage LUDWIG Super Classic 3ply WMP ‘67s

    Ludwig Super Classic ‘67 3 ply WMP. VG condition for its age. The wrap is in great condition but there is some yellowing which is common. This is a 3 pc set 14x22 bd, 9x13 rack and 16x16 floor tom.. I replaced the gull bd spurs with new ones (used same brackets) and also the floor tom legs. No...
  15. Ddrummer23

    Sold:Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic ‘67

    This is a ‘67 LUDWIG 5x14 LM400 chrome over aluminum snare with Keystone Badge..Good condition ready to play. I would suggest changing batter head as this one has no life left in it. There is flaking chrome as you can see in the pic but is very common with these aluminum snares. Also the...
  16. Ddrummer23

    Sold: Bonham size maple drums 26,14 & 18 Precision Drum Co...

    These drums were made by Precision Drum Co, Pleasant Valley NY.. prior to 2005 as indicate by the oval badges. The sizes are 16x26 bd, 10x14 rack & 16x18 ft. VG condition. Big sound. Keller Maple shells.. For sale are the drums & tom mounts. Please ask any questions before purchasing. Local pick...
  17. Ddrummer23

    Please remove:

    Looking for a Pearl 4ply with rings Maple snare...6.5x14. Model MMX1465SD it has 20 CL-100 lugs..
  18. Ddrummer23

    Sold:please remove

    $150 Vintage Zildjian hi hats 14” in VG condition for 50-60 yr old item? I left patina on it for collectors but would clean up really nice. Top hat weighs in @ 508.4316gr...bottom hat 512.8315gr I’m not exactly sure what model these are but I took a pic of the STAMP and you can also see the...
  19. Ddrummer23

    Please remove:

    Looking for Maple 4ply with rings..6.5x14 preferably Arctic White.
  20. Ddrummer23


    Looking for 20pcs...Thanks