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  1. Rockin' Billy

    Steve Gadd The Clams Playing brushes on a phone book

    Quite the oddity. : )
  2. Rockin' Billy

    Toca Bongo Drums w/case/stand

    Really nice condition minus the tiny split in the one head(arrow pointing to split in picture.)Still sounds good. I think a replacement head is around $36.00. Not sure why head split. Maybe old age? I used these for a Django/Gypsy Jazz band years ago. Bongos/Case/Stand $125.00 plus shipping...
  3. Rockin' Billy

    Public DF thank you to Fat Drummer!

    I was the lucky(I feel anyway) recipient of the Sparkletone Drum Heads(4) he had offered up. Silver/Blue/Gold/Red. I love them all but Blue and Gold are my faves! Not only no charge for them, but no charge for shipping. Thank you kindly once again W. Sincerely appreciate your kindness. Like I...
  4. Rockin' Billy

    Wow...Steve Maxwell selling customers 20 year collection part 1

    The Mardi Gras is mine, all mine! : )
  5. Rockin' Billy

    Ludwig Acrolite Snare Black Galaxy 5x14 SOLD

    Nice condition Ludwig Acrolite in Black Galaxy. Work horse or spare it’s been a great snare! Black/White Badge SN:6238655 One flaw-1 strand of wire missing from original Ludwig snares. $150.00 shipped USPS in US. I accept US Postal Money Order Or personal check. If personal check, 10 day hold...
  6. Rockin' Billy

    Has anyone shipped drum set to Germany from US?

    I have someone from Germany interested in my Yamaha Club Custom kit.(22/12/16/snare) Is it very involved, and would anyone have a guesstimate on shipping cost? I reckon I have to box up and weigh then get pricing. I suggested maybe best to take to a UPS store and let them pack/ship. That...
  7. Rockin' Billy

    Shipping Cost for 22/16/12/snare

    Trying to figure out shipping cost of drum set. It’s my Ludwig Club Customs(22/16/13/snare) and another member is interested. Do you think $250.00 would cover cost, or more? 12401 to 66219. I have always returned change if less, and request difference if more. Been awhile since I’ve shipped...
  8. Rockin' Billy

    For those that like Levon

    Levon - circa 1959 - Marvel High School
  9. Rockin' Billy

    Steve Gadd Mickey Mouse Club

    One I’ve never seen. Short but sweet.
  10. Rockin' Billy

    Ludwig 1965 Super Classic Sparkling Galaxy Pearl Beautiful Condition*1/9/21 Sold privately*

    This may be lengthy, sorry in advance but want to describe as best I can. I am 2nd owner but can not prove it, but I think condition will justify. Kit sounds fantastic. All what I believe to be original heads(Ludwig Weathermaster) included. Heads on kit are all brand new with only being played...
  11. Rockin' Billy

    Sonor Martini Kit UPDATE 12/9/20:SOLD through different venue. Please delete. Thank you.

    Sonor Martini Kit Turquoise Sparkle. Great Condition 12x5 Steel Snare/will include Snare Stand 8x8 Mounted Tom 13x10 Floor Tom 14x12 Bass Drum w/Mount and Riser. Bass Drum Resonant Head will be changed to original Sonor. Only picture I have of this kit posted.(only drums and snare stand in...
  12. Rockin' Billy

    Interstate Music to launch this Sunday 11/22/20

    I received email with notification. The more you know...
  13. Rockin' Billy

    $40....yes, $40. Sold In minutes.

  14. Rockin' Billy

    1965 Ludwig Pioneer Snare Red Sparkle*1/9/21 SOLD THROUGH DIFFERENT VENUE*

    I am selling this drum that belonged to my friend that owned a drum shop and passed away a few years ago. His wife had asked me to help start selling so here is the 1st drum. Great condition. SN: 108948 which dates the drum to 1964/1965. Red felt on Baseball type Muffler. 6 Lug Pioneer. Wrap is...
  15. Rockin' Billy

    MIJ drums finally ‘restored’. Thank you DWSlingerland45

    For those that followed, I just finished ‘restoring’ the MIJ kit I got from DWSlingerland45 for free that he had offered up awhile back. Also thanks to BennyK for Rack Tom parts at N/C. Completely stripped cleaned and polished and sound great...except for the hats and Mini Wuhan! : ) As beat up...
  16. Rockin' Billy

    Verifying Year of Ludwig Pioneer Snare

    Would just like to confirm my findings of year for Ludwig Pioneer Snare. SN: 108948. Baseball Bat type arm with Red felt. NO date stamp inside shell. My findings are 1965. Red felt changed to white felt in 1964 so maybe at the end of 1964. Getting ready to sell and want to make sure I have...
  17. Rockin' Billy

    New Guns & Roses Pinball Machine has drumsticks in it

    Not a fan of G & R but the new pinball machine to be released has a drum stick return lane and cymbal topped pop bumpers. For those not interested in the machine/article here’s 2 pics.