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  1. electrodrummer

    Suggestion for a beginner electronic drum and for a drum game

    Can connect anything with MIDI to a "game". Seek out DTXmania for a game example (not specific to the DTX) If you want to actually learn, look at (again, can be made to work with most things) And the eternal "what kit"? Question.... well here's my...
  2. electrodrummer

    Free Kit Downloads for Roland KVX TD-17
  3. electrodrummer

    Yamaha Hi Hat Controller, Logic X and Axiom Midi Keyboard | Will this work or no?

    You have Yamaha hat controller already ? (which one - bit confusing above, you say "sticks with a Yamaha pedal" ;) ?) - you can get a Yamaha module for not a lot on eBay if you're being "cost conscious" :) (dunno your budget or location)
  4. electrodrummer

    Can you swap kick pads?

    Usual: Anything from anyone. All just £0.50 piezos in a shell. (pretty much anything will "handle" a double kick) Or - as it's an ekit - it just as simple and can be more flexible and cheaper to get another pad and another single pedal.
  5. electrodrummer

    Alesis or Roland?

    Hello "Alesis or Roland" Those are two of the possible options. There are many, many more. Yamaha, ATV, 2Box, Pearl etc. You haven't given use much to go on (bit like asking "Toyota or Ford: I need one for driving") here's the "what kit" post: Few questions: Budget? What have you...
  6. electrodrummer

    Wrist pain from electronic drums?

    Get maple sticks. If you're using hickory or even oak they don't flex as well, so transmit vibes. Flex: maple > hickory > oak And use as thin as is comfy for your finger length / hand size. You don't need specialist expensive sticks. Cheap maples are fine. (I get brick of pairs for £20...
  7. electrodrummer

    When slaving modules, can you technically have two hihats and two ride cymals because the inputs are there?

    If you like. Or just use Y-Cables and "short" two pads together into a single input (like connecting two lightbulbs to a switch or vice-versa)
  8. electrodrummer

    Kick options for TD-8

    Pretty much anything from anyone will work. They're all just £0.50 piezos....
  9. electrodrummer

    Can you slave a Roland TD 17 Module to the Alesis Strike? Will it work with drum software?

    TD17 -->MIDI--> Strike? Strike has MIDI in, so yes. "Will it work with drum software"? Assume you mean a software instrument, if so, then no reason why not as long as the Strike's MIDI THRU is on. TD17--> MIDI --> Strike --> MIDI --> PC --> Software
  10. electrodrummer

    Reinforcing (taping) sensors on Alesis mesh electronic drum heads? Anyone done this?

    Big dollop of hot glue. Problem is mainly the cables coming away from the piezos - but also with Alesis the support structures also break and the foam denatures. Play lighter and use maple sticks ;)
  11. electrodrummer

    Alesis Crimson Snare Low volume

    Standard for Alesis stuff, soz. Pull pad apart and check state of foam / mounting plate / wiring on piezo.
  12. electrodrummer

    Medeli DD315 Bug 2021, Alesis CompactKit 7, Ashton EPD 450, Fame DD 350, Huxley, Pyle PTED01

    If you want something table-top/speakers then the Yamaha ones are the things to go for.
  13. electrodrummer

    Can I upgrade Roland TD 9 kv to TD 25 Modules and use the same kit

    Yes. If you like there's a pad compatibility chart
  14. electrodrummer

    Intermediate $700-$800 Range Recommendation

    Which $ ? US / CAD / AUD etc What have you played (apart from the Alesis?) What "samples" do you want to load? Cowbell? Three minute backing loop? Nope. Indeed many don't come with a single bass pedal. - it's an ekit - use two single pedals and two pads if you like. More flexible. As a...
  15. electrodrummer


    Don't know you intended use (bedroom, live, rehearsal...) Closed - if you don't want external souncs. Anyway - headphones - you'll get as many responses as drummers. SO.... Here's 700+ views on the matter to save retyping (don't know your budget or use :) ) Grab a cuppa and enjoy...
  16. electrodrummer

    Roland TD-27KV

    :) (My PC-based suggestion was up there--^ before we knew what computer you had. Enjoy the kit!)
  17. electrodrummer

    Are Alesis cymbals interchangeable with other Alesis kits?

    "Are Alesis cymbals interchangeable with other Alesis kits?" Yes - but depends on the module, input and cymbal as to what features you'll get (multiple zones, choke etc) ask over here for specifics:
  18. electrodrummer

    Roland TD-27KV

    "I do not use any Apple hardware or software, so unfortunately I will have to bow out of this conversation at this point. " :)
  19. electrodrummer

    Drum pads for drum set players?

    Many, many options to do what you want Q; How many sounds do you need to have available in any song (= number of pads) Q: do you want the ability to load up your own percussion sounds? Q: What the budget - as a number - and your country/location? Pads start from < £$€100 and go right up from...