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    The Social Distance Concert Festival

    My freedom does not end at your fear. My freedom does not end at your petri dish of fear and isolation never before seen in American history, or world history for that matter. You quarantine the sick. You do not quarantine the healthy. Any rancher or farmer knows that. What is now happening...
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    Tweeter Workout

    Very Cool. Meaning no disrespect but, this could work well for insomniacs (of which I tend to be). :-) Actually, plenty of frequencies for mid-range and woofers, too. The undertones. I don't think there are many people anymore with the patience to listen to this kind of presentation. I love...
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    Diamandi Instruments

    Greetings. Are carbon fiber drums your forte'?
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    Putting wood veneers on bare shells

    Indeed, I would say any professional woodworkers in your area would do it. Just also ask for samples of their work. I'm sure there are also hobbiests in your area that would do it and do it fine but, unless you know of a woodworkers' list, via a club or something, there isn't much of a way to...
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    The Social Distance Concert Festival

    "So let’s take this a step at a time and I’d think common sense would prevail and they’d follow the direction of the cease-and-desist order.” " Gov. Hutchinson I hope 1100 people use common sense and show up and stand shoulder to shoulder and enjoy the concert and show the governor he has...
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    Workhorse Single Pedal

    One of the benefits of newer pedals with adjustment options is exactly what you mention - more power with less effort - obtained by cam shapes and adjustment options. The pedal shown is a basic pedal all companies make with standard features. If you don't need/require the extra stability of a...
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    I agree as far as that is practical. I ended up playing Drumnetics because I did my own test with pedals I had and some I bought. At the time 10 pedals and memory of others. I made a video showing 8 of them. I know what expansion spring systems are going to feel like and wouldn't have to try...
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    Massive Terry Bozzio DW kit for sale on eBay!

    Well, owning large drum sets all my life I believe I can say from my own experience Bozzio is not about impressing anyone with numbers of instruments. He is a connoisseur of percussion and sound. Aside from being a very gifted musician he is also a very knowledgeable one. The thing he has in...
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    Massive Terry Bozzio DW kit for sale on eBay!

    ..... I really hate doing this but, I have to ask what you believe Bozzio is trying too hard to do? I will add I had made comments about his rig on another forum and got shot down for it, though I believe I was misunderstood. I am just curious why you made the comment you did.
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    Please forgive the late response. To a certain extent I agree with your assessment. I would say, though, that, Yes, compared to today's offerings a Speed King is a starter pedal. You brought up features in your reply and I agree. There are beginner, starter, inexpensive pedals out there now...
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    I'm not sure that "Rogers" should get a slap on the wrist from you but, so be it. So, let's talk facts. You have owned many pedals. I have owned and played many in 55 years. Now I am renovating pedals, and building my own. Are not beginner pedals basic pedals? How do we place pedals? Price...
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    Interesting. I guess the patents ran out on the Rodgers and Premier. Well, Rodgers went under altogether but, I imagine somebody hung on to patents, especially with the reissue of the pedal today. Although the Dynomatic does not seem to have the swivel feature. Maybe they just never had the...
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    I still have mine. I don't even know how old it is. It may have been my father's. Just the ball screw driver. Great device. Mine is black and red for knowing forward or reverse sides. I believe the Vector pedal is a brilliant idea, one of those, why didn't someone think of this a long time ago...
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    Latest snare - OMG it's ugly and scary.......I present the Black Ugly!

    Cryogenically treated and somebody dropped it taking it to the lab table. Just goes to show the truth about what a drum can do regardless of details in its component parts.
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Is that a finish on the metal or a treatment of the metal?
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    The 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances Of All Time.

    I'm really not a Gadd devotee but, Aja at #26? That song and his performance is credited by so many as changing the drumming lives and scope of drumming for the last three decades of the 20th century. And he still influencing the way people play. Nothing with Billy Cobham, who literally changed...
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    Rolling Stone: Sales of Instruments and Music Gear Are Soaring. Will Quarantine Spark a Renaissance?

    It seems counter-intuitive. Not working, no money coming in, cannot/ should not make unnecessary purchases. Looks like the lion's share is tech and recording gear. Reading that article convinces me the day will come when acoustic instruments have faded away, and music will be AI top to...
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    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Muuahahaha. :happy2::sign7: Actually, I am doing another video today to address a couple things that have come up. I turned the kick around and instantly noticed it is not quite as loud, which seems really bizarre. The drum is a little louder with the 18" single ply than the 22" dble ply for a...
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    Ringo’s Drum tech

    There's a video of a Beatles concert; Washington, D.C. IIRC, on a revolving stage and Ringo is moving around his own drums. Made me wonder if drum techs even existed back then.
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    I got the runs. . . .

    Thank you, my friend.