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  1. Glassman

    Zildjian 60s 15" Hi Hats

    Looking for the experts to weigh in. Top is 1070g and bottom is 1413g. This was not a matched set of hi hats but purchased one at a time to make set over the last few months. However, the hammering looks similar to me. They are both the small 3 dot 60s stamps. The stamps are very crisp and...
  2. Glassman

    Early DW Tension Rods

    Hey everyone. I have searched the threads and looked at photos. I picked up a first series DW maple snare about 10 years ago, 6 x 14 lacquer finish, 100XXX serial number. Mine looks like every other one I have seen, aside from someone adding 2 holes for a muffle and then removing it long...
  3. Glassman

    Jasper 8-Ply Shells

    Hello. Long time lurker, infrequent poster. As the title suggests, I have a question regarding Jasper shells. I have it on good authority that the manufacturer of a small boutique line of snare drums out of California in the early 80s sourced 8-ply shells from Jasper. I have found almost no...
  4. Glassman

    Slingerland Hollywood Ace

    Hey everyone. Never posted much but visit and read sometimes. I recently purchased a Slingerland Hollywood Ace snare in Champagne sparkle. Based on the serial number it is late 1969 or early 1970 and has COB hoops. All the literature indicates these are supposed to be 5.5" deep but mine...
  5. Glassman

    New Member from Colorado

    Greetings everyone. I have seen this forum a few times in the past and have now decided to join. Not sure how much I will have to contribute but I enjoy drums and have been playing/collecting for a number of years. My current "main" set is a 1997 DW but I also have some vintage kits I have...