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  1. davezedlee

    Anyone in Canada order from Drum Factory Direct in the past year or so?

    was it relatively easy? i'm finding i need more specific parts than Amazon can supply, but was wondering if getting DDF to ship is considered "doable" are there custom/duty snafus?
  2. davezedlee

    Were 1965 Leedys 3-ply?

    I know they're basically Slingerlands with different hardware, but just wanted to know
  3. davezedlee

    Pretty Impressive

    had this show up in my FB feed
  4. davezedlee

    Is there such a thing as a sound absorbing beater?

    Anyone used one?
  5. davezedlee

    What's the deal with 80s Gretsches?

    seem to be a few locally up here selling (or trying to) 5 or 7 piece shell packs for $5-10k (albeit unsuccessfully) are they really anything special, or are their owners trying to cash in on some past era? wasn't the hardware always really their weakest feature? just wanna know...
  6. davezedlee

    flat or tapered snare beds?

    any prefences amongst you builders, with reasons? to clarify, i'm not concerned with how deep or wide the bed is, but its final profile... do you re-create the bearing edge profile, with the same amount of contact, or leave it mostly flat, with double or triple the amount of contact? i have a...
  7. davezedlee


    probably over 20 years old, but YEEESH! didn't realize they would run all over everything else in my stick bag... i remember them as Super Deluxe Premiums when i bought them; i thought the fourth one (long thrown out) was just a fluke when its rubber cap started to get mushy don't make them...
  8. davezedlee

    "Tear-dropping" Vistalite floor tom

    i've recently acquired a 16" Smoke Vistalite floor tom, probably early 80s with the "V" seam on the inside, but both bearing edges are taking on the shape of a teardrop, resulting in a bump at the seams that prevent the heads from sitting flat, leaving them prone to buzzing at any tension so...
  9. davezedlee

    Anyone familiar with Fibes construction?

    acquired this (CF Martin era) tom recently for its lugs, and thought it was an acrylic after stripping off the wrapping, it looks (and feels)like some sort of acrylic with fibreglass reinforcement... the outer shell is largely smooth to the touch; in fact, i removed the leftover adhesive quite...
  10. davezedlee

    Anyone ever patched an acrylic drum?

    I've acquired an old Fibes tom that is missing its original tom mount and then was subsequently drilled for a Pearl-style mount As i prefer to use RIMS anyway, I was thinking of patching the whole mess, and then maybe painting it later... Is there such a thing as acrylic putty, or should I just...
  11. davezedlee

    interesting site if you are comparing wood types

    just found this, don't know if its been posted before...
  12. davezedlee

    Fibes COF build quality?

    anyone familiar with the workmanship on these? just picked one up today and was somewhat shocked at the overall seam and wrap-edge "mojo"