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  1. florian1

    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    Drum Factory Direct gets most of my business. Local, super fast shipping and excellent service. F
  2. florian1

    Paiste 22" Sound Creation Dark Ride

    cant say I didnt try.
  3. florian1

    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    because they all suck?
  4. florian1

    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    lets just call this list what it is...drummers in bands that sold a pile of records and people recognize their names. Far too many great talents left off. F
  5. florian1

    Paiste 22" Sound Creation Dark Ride

    Paiste Blue Label 21" 602 Heavy ride interest you?
  6. florian1

    Endorsement vs reality?

    depends on where you are and the support you get. Can I get Sonor in S. Africa? No, use a Pearl kit. Same with cymbals...if your endorsement deal cannot support you with equipment as you tour, feel free to use whats available. F
  7. florian1

    What is your favorite badge ?

    Always liked the Yamaha badge. F
  8. florian1

    Hi Hat Cymbal Sizes...What's your preferred hi hats size ?

    Im all about the 15s
  9. florian1

    Pics of your sets on stage

    at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with Joan Jett guitarist Ricky Byrd. Working the big kit for a festival (in a kilt!) F
  10. florian1

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    was thrilled to find a full kit for sale here a few years back...and snatched it up. Paid a bit more than I wanted to, but am glad I did...great tubs for sure. F
  11. florian1

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    and they record REALLY well.
  12. florian1

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    welcome to the club. youll love your kit!
  13. florian1

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    Yessir! SQ2 (maple) S Classix (birch) Ascent(beech) kits in my arsenal F
  14. florian1

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    Yes to both, just not at the same time.
  15. florian1

    I could watch Gavin soundcheck all day...

    such an inspiration to me. F
  16. florian1

    Worth having 2 kits ?

    yup - one is good, two is better One to setup and play on for practice - one in cases for the road. I have 3 duplicate kits. 1 in my home studio, 1 in our bands rehearsal space, and 1 in cases for gigs. F
  17. florian1

    Cheap....ummm, inexpensive B20 cymbals???

    Threadsurrection from 11 years ago.
  18. florian1

    The Greatest Prog Drummers of All Time (No, He's Not No. 1)

    holy smokes...Neil was an absolute monster.
  19. florian1

    For the Sonor man that has everything

    "skid" marks?
  20. florian1

    Evans Drum head quality issues? **Updated Evans response**

    Ive been an Evans guy my whole life...never liked Remo - BUT I am warming up to Aquarian heads. Loving their P2 batters on my home kit, may swap heads on my tour and studio kit over if they hold up. F