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  1. Manicoti

    Zoom Q8 Input Settings

    Just got my new zoom q8 that was suggested here for recording my drums. Can anyone suggest settings for the “line in” inputs? When I first tried it, I think the levels were at zero and the pad setting was off. It was really distorted so I set the sound input levels to -10db and the PAD to...
  2. Manicoti

    Personal Recording

    I have a cheaper GoPro version. I took out the external mic and then soldered in a 1/8” adapter to it to be able to send a monitor mix into. But when I plug into it, through my ead 10 to test it, it’s only picking up the acoustic drums, which is odd because I took out the internal mic...
  3. Manicoti

    Trade for A&F Snare

    Looking for a A&F snare. Preferably a 14x6.5 raw brass. Trying to sell a few snares that arent moving to buy one so trying this route. Snares I would trade toward it are 2004 14x5 Brady Jarrah Sleishman Jarrah Block free floating 14x6.5 Mid 70s Rogers dynasonic 14x6.5 All in excellent to mint...
  4. Manicoti

    Sleishman 14x6.5 Jarrah Block Free Floating Snare

    Excellent condition. $650usd obo plus shipping. Email for more pics or info [email protected]
  5. Manicoti

    1975 Rogers Dynasonic 14x6.5

    Im not completely sure on the date. Was going to keep this but need to sell some items to help pay for a recent purchase. In very good to excellent condition. A couple of shallow scratches and a bit of grime that will clean up nicely but otherwise no other issues. Strainer works smoothly...
  6. Manicoti

    Brady 14x5.5 Jarrah Ply

    In excellent condition except for the strainer. The nickeleworks strainer it came with broke as per usual with that strainer. I replaced it with another nickleworks and it to broke but does operate if you use an elastic to keep the strainer arm up. I can either replace it with a Dunnett one or...
  7. Manicoti

    Sleishman Jarah 14x6.5

    Beautiful free floating Sleishman jarah. Excellent condition. $700usd shipped to continental North America. Can ship elsewhere as well for difference in shipping cost. Email [email protected]
  8. Manicoti

    Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals through Ableton/Addictive Drums

    Im currently running a Yamaha dtx 950 through Ableton Live and using Addictive Drums 2. Im finding my hi hat response to be an issue and was thinking of getting the zildjian Gen 16 cymbals. Is anyone running the Gen 16 cymbals through addictive drums? I know the Gen 16 has its own module that...
  9. Manicoti

    Tama Hexagonal Pads (not Simmons as previously thought)

    A friend has a set of hexagonal Tama pads for sale. Bass drum pad plus an additional 5 pads. Anyone have an interest and would like to make an offer for just the pads? It also has a Roland pd120(?) snare pad. I can double check the Roland. I can also send a few pictures if you are interested and...
  10. Manicoti

    The Joys of Jam Hosting

    Had a guy come up Sunday. They call him the animal. He played my kit before and was ok. This time, he was jacked up and apparently trying to prove something. During the second song, Im fuming mad at how hard hes hitting. I actually went and grabbed the ride and crash as he was playing them and...
  11. Manicoti

    Snare drum samples

    Hi, Im looking to buy a Roland TD50 for recording. Anyone know where you can find great sounding snare samples? I havent gotten it yet so Ill probably work on tweaking the stored drum sounds. But in the meantime Id like to search out sounds I like
  12. Manicoti

    Blue Onyx wrap

    Is jammin Sam the best place to get blue onyx wrap or has anyone found a better place price wise?
  13. Manicoti

    Black dot decals

    I bought a package of various sized black dot vinyl decals that I used on my heads on amazon a few years back. I believe they were made by Kodak or Polaroid? Ive searched amazon and google and cant seem to find them. Does anyone know where to find 4-6 vinyl black dot decals? Thanks, Mark
  14. Manicoti

    Whitney Nesting Kit

    Ive tried to avoid selling this kit but Im looking to buy a set of Sabians and I havent used this kit at all in the last 4 years so its time for it to go. Its an 18-10-14 config. Which starts at $2426 new. I opted for the regular type bass drum hoops. Comes with the rack system, 2 cymbal arms...
  15. Manicoti

    Emad head on 16" floor tom

    I recently tried a 16 emad '56 head on my DW 16" floor tom. I'm guessing it's made for a wood hoop as the metal rim was too small. The collar seemed larger. Anyone else try it and able to make it work?
  16. Manicoti

    Not sure what to do

    Long story short, I never know my schedule til the 20thfor the next month. The band has known this since the start over a year ago. This week was busy. They had two gigs during the week and I immediately said months back I couldn't do the weekday gigs and would know about July 14 gig on June...
  17. Manicoti

    Fighting the kit and cymbals

    Had one of those nights last night where I really struggled and fought my kit. It's an acoustic set up. Acoustic guitar and stand up bass so I played brushes all night. This can be a challenge getting the drums and cymbals to sound good and project. Anyone else use a lot of brushes on gigs and...
  18. Manicoti

    Drummers and Monitors

    Anyone else experience the attitude that drummers don't need a monitor? I guess we're not as important and don't need to hear what's going. I like a front of house mix so that I can feel I'm accompanying the band vs playing on top of them. If I do t have a good mix, I have a hard night
  19. Manicoti

    OT: Ketogenic Diet

    Just wondering if anyone else is living this lifestyle? I had lost a bunch of weight years ago but when I went back to flying airplanes, life on the road was a challenge diet wise and the weight came back on. Needless to say I found myself with the need to drop 60lbs again. I started Nov 15...
  20. Manicoti

    Evans Emad

    I've seen what looks like a coated Evans Emad on a few floor toms recently. Just on the floor tom. I love a real deep fat tone on my floor tom and was curious what these heads are that I've seen guys using on floor toms. I've searched Evans Emad and the smallest they make is a16. Is there...