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  1. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum foot technique

    Wow, this is a great thread full of informations! Recently I started to work on my foot technique and tried different techniques. Slide was the first I've learned because it seemed easier and more fluid at the time. I still use it without problems and it works great for quick double strokes, but...
  2. Hypercaffium

    Asking opinions on an early slide technique

    Plenty of good suggestions here! I'm a noob, I play since 5 months approximately, but I spent quite some time on bass drum technique recently. Maybe I can give you my advice and also learn something from you guys. From what I see, your technique is definitely a slide. It's not bad, I just see...
  3. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    No worries, I solved my problem and upgraded my kit in the best possible way.
  4. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    You're right. Thanks!
  5. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    I "modded" my Turbo Mesh kit, without actually modding anything. Here's what I've done: 1) I bought a bass drum pedal, which is an Iron Cobra 200. 2) I took the original floor tom (last drum on the right, mounted on the left "arm") and used it as a bass drum. I just moved the entire "arm" toward...
  6. Hypercaffium

    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    What? 3/4 stroke rolls with the kick pedal?
  7. Hypercaffium

    Can You Do a 3 or 4 Stroke ROLL?

    I'm a beginner but I can do both 3 and 4 stroke roll. I focused exclusively on stick control and rebound for the first month, even before buying a kit. I guess I made the right choice.
  8. Hypercaffium

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    I like when he hits the crash on the "2". I like his style.
  9. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    I use two dumbbells to keep my foot pedal in place, so... nothing to laugh about. :) Great idea, thanks.
  10. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    Thanks! I'm thinking about replacing the stock kick drum pedal of my kit with one with a beater, for a more realistic feel. Which pedal+mesh pad I need to buy? It must be compatible with Alesis Turbo Mesh kit. Would this allow me to have some dynamics in the kick drum? My current pedal doesn't...
  11. Hypercaffium

    Bass drum pedal for practice?

    Hi, I started to play 4 months ago. I live in an apartment so I can only play an electronic kit at the moment. I use an Alesis Turbo Mesh kit in combination with EZdrummer (MIDI) and, considering my current level, I can't complain about the gear I use. I'll switch to a better kit as soon as I'll...
  12. Hypercaffium

    The Weaker Side

    Thanks, you gave me the inspiration to come back to paradiddles. I'm a lefty ambidextrous and I play right handed. So my weaker side is what is supposed to be the stronger side. Even if I can do pretty much everything with both hands, the right hand is slightly slower and less precise when...
  13. Hypercaffium

    Peter Sellers: inspector Clousea & Drummer

    I didn't know that! I'm a fan of him and I do both drums and calisthenics. Wow.
  14. Hypercaffium

    MIDI USB connection with Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic kit

    I use the same plugins. In EZdrummer 2 you must select your eDrum (Roland, Alesis, General etc.) in Menu>Settings>EDrums>MIDI Mapping and the hi-hat will work properly. MTPDK never worked properly with my Alesis, they told me that the plugin doesn't support open/closed hi-hat function when used...
  15. Hypercaffium

    Marijuana and Drumming ?

    If it doesn't make you play good, don't use it. Or try a different breed, like some others suggested. I'm not an habitual user, but it doesn't seem to make me play worse or better when I smoke. Alcohol is a much, much powerful drug in my experience, and it can screw everything up way too easily.
  16. Hypercaffium

    MIDI USB connection with Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic kit

    Which drum plugin are you using and which DAW?
  17. Hypercaffium

    OT: Bill Murray Top 3 Favorite Movies

    What About Bob.
  18. Hypercaffium

    Rate my drumming, I'm a noob

  19. Hypercaffium

    I got a Cannabis kit!

    Can you shhhhmoke it?