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  1. jkuhl

    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Does that mean the guys I mentioned don't possess the same pure chops and hand eye coordination? I'd go so far as to say, that they even took things a step further with the pure cerebral nature of some of things they're capable of translating into new ways to phrase etc.. I've heard Buddy and...
  2. jkuhl

    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Would fine have been enough for 2112? Was that his standard?
  3. jkuhl

    Neil Peart, Greatest Drummer Of All Time

    Where do some more modern players, Ike Larnell Lewis, Benny Greb, Chris Coleman, Matt Garska, JD Beck, etc relate to Rich, purely in the chops realm? Maybe I'm missing something but the way he's discussed, as being in his own class, untouchable even, without even a mention of Tony Williams, has...
  4. jkuhl

    Amazon deals thread

    If you like dry punchy cymbals, that thing is probably really great. Aside from the Agop sigs, I've had the best luck (for my taste) with the Turk style cymbals or maybe just the wire brushed tops like the some of the Origin Dark series by Mehmet. Either way usually unlathed, extra light and...
  5. jkuhl

    Amazon deals thread

    Nice deal and I would have probably rather had this, than the 17" antique I just bought for 10 bucks less.
  6. jkuhl

    Amazon deals thread

    Just grabbed the last one (17"). This is the smallest cymbal (other than my splash) that I've gotten in a long time. I've had Istanbul Mehmet Sultan crashes which are the same lathed/unlathed type and even the paper thins seemed a little chunkier. Hopefully this one is super thin and opens up...
  7. jkuhl

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    I've owned, heavy beech sq2, vintage beech sq2, s classix, delite, maple light designers, sonic plus(jungle kit) and a safari. I have a favorite of the bunch and it was maybe the best all around kit I've ever owned but I'm curious as to which kit you like the most, if you even have a favorite...
  8. jkuhl

    To stave or not to stave?

    Agree on the Daville shells. Very nicely made and they sound excellent. Both of these are Daville shells and I regret letting them go.
  9. jkuhl

    Eames Birch Snare Drum

    That's great news because there's a natural tendency to wonder if the student is able to carry on for the teacher. I've had the pleasure of playing some Joe Mac Eames kits pretty extensively and frequently ask myself why I never had him build me a kit. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that...
  10. jkuhl

    Begginer/Intermediate Drum Kits

    Yes. He was smart enough to come here seeking advice and if he finds something he's curious about, I for one, would be happy to help him determine it's value and condition. Great deals aren't just going to jump in your lap, you have to do a little leg work and in this case, it's totally worth...
  11. jkuhl

    Begginer/Intermediate Drum Kits

    Absolutely this. The drum manufacturers and shop owners hate this but BY FAR and its not even close, buying used will yield the best results. A Mapex Saturn, Tama Starclassic Performer (all birch, birch bubinga or birch walnut) Tama Starclassic Maple and Pearl Masters akd others can be found at...
  12. jkuhl

    Help with New Kit

    No doubt, I got a 12,14,18, 90s, last of the Jasper shells, BK, for 1150 about 6 years ago.Two years earlier, I got a bop sized New Classic, with a hammered brass 6.5x14 snare and hw for 850. Smoking deals abound if you're patient.
  13. jkuhl

    Help with New Kit

    1500 is a decent budget for a used shell pack. Be patient and do your time here on the forum browsing the for sale section, reverb, Craigslist, guitar center used, eBay etc . You might be surprised at what you can find.
  14. jkuhl


    Awesome snares for sure. I had the identical drum. Good luck.
  15. jkuhl

    Amazon deals thread

    The 20" ozone China for 99 bucks is on the way to my house! Thanks for posting
  16. jkuhl

    Domi and Jd Beck

    Maybe my favorite Thundercat song, dude is so freaking talented its not fair. Maybe Ariana will use her powers for good now hahaha.
  17. jkuhl

    Anyone use a 12 x 20 kick?

    I'm on the fence between a 20x14 and 20x16 and am enjoying the content of this thread. I owned a 20x14 vintage beech SONOR SQ2, that I bought due to my awesome experience with a 60's Slinglerland Radio King 20x14. The SQ2, while very nice, just didn't have the punch and tone of the Slingerland...
  18. jkuhl

    Brian Blade! What!!? Is that cracked K, other cymbals and music...

    It's a 20s Ludwig from what I've been told. Such a great sound on that tiny desk conert. Brian Blade is and has probably been, my favorite musician since hearing his Fellowship Band near the end of the 20th century, for the first time. Such touch and dynamics and some really in the moment...
  19. jkuhl

    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    Hahaha. True. This is unacceptable for sure. I've been rubbed the wrong way by DCP before and gave them the benefit of the doubt and let it go. This situation isn't making me want to do business there again.