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  1. GrandpaCleve

    Ludwig no serial number 1960s

    Did I score? I know there are no serial number keystone that aren't brass. Can you tell from the pics?
  2. GrandpaCleve

    Simichrome for nickel plating works well

    Cleaning up a 20s standard. I should finish today. 8 tube 5x14!
  3. GrandpaCleve

    1938 Rogers Mercedes Model

    Found an original 14" stamped calf head for one of my shelf-ers. She looks good with some original head!
  4. GrandpaCleve


    DO NOT SEND MONEY TO: Osbey Shasta, Osbey Holmes or Vince Brooks. They ripped me off. Had me send Osbey funds around Thanksgiving. Emails stopped once funds were clear and ended communication all together. I wanted to know the tracking info so the box wouldn't sit on the porch. Then he tuned...
  5. GrandpaCleve

    1930s? Slingerland black Duco

    So what year and model is this drum?
  6. GrandpaCleve

    1920s Luddy standard all cleaned up

    Took some elbow grease or rather simichrome to shine up this old beast. My favorite aside from a deep 1964 wood Powertone. This is my second one in 20 yrs looking. 8 lugs 5 x 14 standard. That sound...the engraved floral 8 tuber John Aldridge engraved for me in the early 2000s after it...
  7. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers Green Sparkle 12" or 13" tom Cleve era only

    Any singles out direct fltgrycleav at
  8. GrandpaCleve

    Ludwig Paiste swiss 14" medium

    Ludwig Paiste swiss 14" medium. sold.
  9. GrandpaCleve

    Paiste 3000 china

    I'd sell the Paiste new in bag china and soft Paiste bag for $220 plus $25 shipping in US if anybody here is interested. Add 3% for paypal or nothing for a postal money order. Please email direct fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  10. GrandpaCleve

    Went to the flea market today...Paiste

    I know Rogers drums. What did I find today and how much do they sell for? There is a Paiste china new in the bag, Paiste soft bag, Ludwig Paiste swiss made 14" medium with a key hole and a splash no name 9 1/4" cymbal. See pics. How did I do?
  11. GrandpaCleve

    Leedy & Ludwig cymbal stand

    Leedy & Ludwig cymbal stand. Please send a price and a pic to fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  12. GrandpaCleve

    Gretsch tom holder rail

    Needs the tom spade and 2 side rail bolts. $90.00 for a postal money order add 3% for paypal. Email direct with interest fltgrycleav at
  13. GrandpaCleve

    R lug 1940s Rogers almost finished

    Almost finished. Waiting on a fiberskin front head and a cradle from overseas to place the 2nd 14" tom in. Its a 24" bass with 2 13" mounted toms and 2 14" floor toms in a cradle. I've never seen a R lug set before in the past 20 yrs looking. I had to make it! Had stickers for the logo head...
  14. GrandpaCleve

    Earthtone head logo removal and decal made?

    Can I use acetone or rubbing alcohol to rove this logo? I don't want my 1940s R faced lug set to have it out front.
  15. GrandpaCleve

    Gretsch snare drums and other vintage stuff Why pay feebay? Any of my auctions for a money order less 10%. I have some old Ludwig & Ludwig pedals as well. Paypal add 3%. Email direct with any interest fltgrycleav at...
  16. GrandpaCleve

    Floor tom cradle

    Floor tom cradle. Nickel finish. Only like the one in the picture. Email direct fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  17. GrandpaCleve

    Rogers Day! as per the Mayor of Covington, OH

    Rogers day has been proclaimed April 27th for the employees of the 1950s/1960s. Thanks to all the employees that made all those great magical Rogers drums! Praise Joe Thompson and Henry Grossman.
  18. GrandpaCleve

    Clip mount bass tom holder

    Looking for the exact one in the pic. Nickel finish W + A. Please email direct with a pic and price. Thanks, Gary fltgrycleav at
  19. GrandpaCleve

    R lug Rogers drums

    Wanted R lug Farmingdale era drums. Email direct fltgrycleav at Thanks, Gary
  20. GrandpaCleve

    The Saint in Asbury Park closing Back in the day I played there with three different groups in the 1980s and 1990s. We opened for The Noel Redding Experience and Cake when they came through town. Some days it was packed...