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  1. ppfd

    Stebal Drums 25th Anniversary Snare!!

    I need to get up there next time I’m home
  2. ppfd

    Your favorite photo of your favorite drummer

    Boys, best dam thread in a long time! Brings back a lot of great memorie. Murats pic is the best.
  3. ppfd

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    When “one” hit the radio, no one had heard double bass parts like that. I remember going to drum lessons asking “how‘d he do that!?” Kids jumping on double bass display kits attempting that part. Lars had a few milestones I think he’s had a little spark of his old self with the last 2 records
  4. ppfd

    What would you do?

    Bob, you have a 5th wheel and obviously a nice truck to pull it. Why do you need to get rid of this set up? Boats and campers loose value quick don’t they? Then you need to pull a small vehicle to use when you get somewhere right? I don’t know your financials, but this seems like a lose of...
  5. ppfd

    Paiste YouTube event

    I’d love to hang and take a lesson with Bobby.
  6. ppfd

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    Seems like Ludwig had a large roster. I had all the posters, the semi trailer, the barn yard, the one with everyone in tux’s.
  7. ppfd

    What would you do?

    There’s a reason I don’t have a wife and things like this is one of them. Dude, 42 years!? This attitude / behavior didn’t happen overnight. Your going to figure this one out on your own. I know what I’d say and do. But, that’s why I’m not married :glasses8: Yeah and don’t sell the house, I...
  8. ppfd

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    I remember those ads. 1980's Ludwig and Tama had everybody
  9. ppfd


    I had a 6.5 free floater with maple and brass shell, I should have kept. I do have a limited edition 10 ply birch 6x13 that Mass Music put together with Pearl years back. I think they made 20. It was when Pearl came out with that dual strainer that was on the ultra cast drums and I believe...
  10. ppfd

    Any lars Ulrich fans here?

    Yeah I'm a fan. Everything up to "and justice", death magnetic and hardwired is good stuff. If you don't have it, the garage days, $5.98 and live s**t, these guys do some great covers. Shame the money machine that is Metallica has gone to his head. Some trivia, when did Lars drop the ride...
  11. ppfd

    Live From My Drum Room With Todd Sucherman!

    Signed up for your channel last month
  12. ppfd

    Paul Leim: Nashville Recording Session

    I met Paul at Columbus drum daze a few years ago, had never heard of him. He spent some time with the crowd and I went up to him and got a pic with him. I happened to have my fire dept job shirt on as it was a little cool. He wanted to talk about the FD more than he did drums. Asked "me" a ton...
  13. ppfd

    OT: Won my last game 17-4!

    Girlfriends son has played hockey since he was 5, he's 17 now. Very expensive sport with a lot a travel for us. Home rink is Ohio U so that's cool. Covid had them traveling this year as the university wouldn't let them use it.
  14. ppfd

    Carmine Appice has a new look

    Looks his age, maybe a little older. Glad to see him drop that aging hair metal look so many hold on to.
  15. ppfd

    What is your favorite badge ?

    Ludwig B/O Tama "T" , Starclassic Yamaha Sonor
  16. ppfd

    OT: poison oak...

    Reference burning poison ivy, oal sumac. Don't' do it. An acquaintance of mine had a load of firewood that had some dried poison ivy vine he didn't notice and lit it off in the fireplace. He passed away about a month later from the effects of inhaling the smoke. In the ED we usually dose...
  17. ppfd

    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    I have always wanted one of those slotted coliseum snare drums. But I guess I need to pick up a bronze as well
  18. ppfd

    New Pearl snare with John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ringo, etc.........

    Guys a great artist. Some great idols there, that said it reminds me of that DW Dave Ghrol snare. I don't think I would buy one.
  19. ppfd

    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    I'm underwhelmed. I like the hardware and snares though. No new finishes for any line and, I was hopping for a full finish BD hoop on the sessions.
  20. ppfd

    Paiste Innovation China

    That’s most likely a signature line thin china. $80.00 you better grab that if it’s in good shape. You’d make your money back and some flipping it.