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  1. Rockin' Billy

    Carter on a 20/12/14 Clubdate with a '61 Pioneer snare

    Same set up I have and I love it! Very versatile.
  2. Rockin' Billy

    Hot Rod knockoffs

    I used to make my own, very inexpensive to do and just like the Hot Rods. You can get different dowel sizes as well. Fun project.
  3. Rockin' Billy

    Evans heads still failing

    Exactly the same myself!
  4. Rockin' Billy

    I Think I Have A New Stick!

    I have played with chopsticks twice where it had to be real quiet to start. Normal quiet was not quiet enough. Fun stuff!
  5. Rockin' Billy

    Steve Gadd The Clams Playing brushes on a phone book

    Quite the oddity. : )
  6. Rockin' Billy

    How many know about Redd Volkaert?

    I love Redd. Did a couple of gigs with him with my sister. He’s a monster player and a super nice guy, and on top of that he’s one funny character! He was on the road with Linda Gail Lewis in 2018 and we got to hang out awhile.
  7. Rockin' Billy

    How many know about Redd Volkaert?

    He moved but didn’t retire Bun. He’s still at it whenever he can.
  8. Rockin' Billy

    How many know about Redd Volkaert?

    Thank you. That’s my little sister. : )
  9. Rockin' Billy

    Sonny Payne is drivin' the bus!

    That was great. Thanks for posting.
  10. Rockin' Billy

    Happy International Jazz Day!

    Just now flipping around on TV and happened to catch International Jazz Day 10th Anniversary Celebration on PBS. Some really great music.
  11. Rockin' Billy

    Cleaning Yamaha Vintage Natural wood finish

    A dusting then give them a nice coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax.
  12. Rockin' Billy

    Toca Bongo Drums w/case/stand

    Really nice condition minus the tiny split in the one head(arrow pointing to split in picture.)Still sounds good. I think a replacement head is around $36.00. Not sure why head split. Maybe old age? I used these for a Django/Gypsy Jazz band years ago. Bongos/Case/Stand $125.00 plus shipping...
  13. Rockin' Billy

    I want to get my Tama Camco pedal in tiptop shape. Can you help?

    I have taken many a Ludwig Speed King apart and Rogers and Slingerland and Pearl pedals apart but not a Camco. The bearing in a Speed King comes out very easy. I use a pointy dental pic type tool...nothing serious about it. I use disc brake cleaner and soak the bearings to clean, and then a...
  14. Rockin' Billy

    I want to get my Tama Camco pedal in tiptop shape. Can you help?

    Take all apart and clean and lube. You may not need new bearings. Pack them if reinstalling.
  15. Rockin' Billy

    The Drum Solo Discussion Thread

    I can solo if I have to but don’t like to and always put it out there 1st thing with any bands I work with or are in. I enjoy trading 4’s as others or full 4 bar solo, but a full lengthy solo no. It something that I never worked on. I do love to watch and listen to Buddy Rich since I was a kid...
  16. Rockin' Billy

    Alcohol-inked snare drums

    Nice job, that look great!
  17. Rockin' Billy

    Precision Drum

    Great folks at Precision Drum along with craftsmanship and product.
  18. Rockin' Billy

    Thin felts for vintage cymbal stands - Solution

    I’ve ‘sliced’ the felt down into thickness I want. Use a sharp blade.