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  1. Medium Size Dog

    Where's the Gallery?

    Maybe I'm missing it and it's a simple thing. I see no choice to view a gallery and also have found no way to access the photos and lots of info that was posted in the gallery accessible from my profile page. Is it gone?
  2. Medium Size Dog

    Recent Restoration- What's That?

    Recent restoration of a tombak. The drum is about 18 inches tall with about a 12" head. Carved from a single chunk of mulberry wood, traditionally the main wood used. It had a finish that almost completely obscured the beautiful wood grain underneath. I re-headed it with goat skin in the...
  3. Medium Size Dog

    Posting Pictures so they're Displayed when not Logged in?

    This is probably already answered somewhere but what is the procedure for loading pictures so they are visible in the post when you're not logged in?
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    Including the Video and not the Link in Post?

    I'm sure this has been answered before and is simple. I want to see the video in the post and not the link. The little screen on a stand icon did not appear when creating the post. How do I get there? Thanks for any help. A few minutes later I went to 'topic moderation' to delete a post with...
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    Fear Of Cajons?

    I didn't like other cajons so I started building these to cover some basic concepts; 1. Posture, ergonomics, comfort. 2. Having good posture on a shorter cajon that's matched to your height makes it easier to reach lower without bending over as much to make more sounds worth hearing. 3. Make the...
  6. Medium Size Dog

    Calfskin to Synthetic Head Changeover History

    Am curious about who were early adopters, who were holdouts. Where might there be archived info from producers, engineers, drummers who debated the issue, maybe in old Downbeat articles, how the shift to definitely louder drums effected recording and live performance, musician relations, volume...
  7. Medium Size Dog

    Pawn Shop Find

    Saw these Wednesday in a pawn shop in Glendale, Ca. The tom mounts are Yamaha, Gold/brass looking hoops, squarish shadow line where badges have been removed, maybe some experts know what the asymmetrical screw layout is. Could that be a red flag if serial numbers were on those badges? Distinct...
  8. Medium Size Dog

    Does Deleting Bump Post Delete Original For Sale Post?

    I had a for sale ad originally posted in March 2015. I bumped it a couple of times to make it more current. I bumped it Jan 2 2016. I deleted the bump posts including the most recent. The post is still in my profile thread post log but isn't in the For Sale list anymore. I did not delete the...
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    OT: Adobe Flash; Good or Bad and Why?

    Any opinions? Why is it bad or hazardous, what are your favored alternatives and why? I have had annoying experience tracking down and deleting every little shred of memory hogging past versions before loading newer versions that didn't share or combine data with the old and now find that having...
  10. Medium Size Dog

    Slingerland Experts Please: Who Knows the Code?

    This 6.5x14 chrome over brass was old and scuffed when I got it so I never babied it and probably scuffed it up some more. It's a serious workhorse that sounds BIG tuned low and will take your head off when tuned high and everything in between from a whisper to a scream depending on heads and...
  11. Medium Size Dog

    Who Knows Wuhan Cymbals?

    In the late 80's in South Pasadena there was a store called Paul Real Sales which was later PR Percussion and then either moved or went out of business. I was in there one day and Paul the owner had just received 4 or 5 big crude wooden crates. He invited me to help him open them up. Randomly...
  12. Medium Size Dog

    Monthly Drum Circle/Lesson/Jam in Pasadena CA.

    I host a monthly drum circle/lesson/jam in Pasadena CA. We focus on listening, ensemble playing, tapping into your own creative imagination, listening, achieving the beautiful groove, listening and having a good time. If you wanna know more see my profile or leave a message. It's free and all...
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    Who Plays Other Percussion?

    Great community and website! I just joined and wonder how many out there also play conga, cajon, doumbek, frame drums and other percussion? Is there enough interest to add forum categories for percussion?