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  1. wtc

    Opinions please - New Yamaha Stage Custom Steel or Used Mapex Daisy Cutter

    Same dimensions - would cost about the same I just want a new snare to replace the stock model that came with my old Tama Stagestar kit, which I use for small gigs. I play classic pop, lighter rock, and funk. Looking for versatility at a lower cost. I keep an eye on the used section here...
  2. wtc

    Your favorite full album

    Great list - I forgot about Larry Norman and U2 Unforgettable Fire - GREAT album
  3. wtc

    Your favorite full album

    Tumbleweed Connection - Elton John Moving Pictures - Rush (I had to spend overnight in emergency lying on my back following a car accident. I drummed the entire album with my fingers to pass the time) We get requests - Oscar Peterson Trio Avalon - Roxy Music Who's Next - The Who (Live) Alchemy -...
  4. wtc

    What was the first song you learned to play on drums

    Solo - Hold the Line by Toto First Garage Band - Cocaine (Claption version)
  5. wtc

    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    17-11-70 (11-17-70) Elton John, Dee Murray, Nigel Olsson At the time of the performance, it was never intended to be released, but bootleg versions were so popular... His raw, live work was a fascinating counterpoint to the more subdued orchestral pop vibe of his studio work.
  6. wtc

    The Number One Song on Your 14th Birthday Defines Your Life

    Night Fever by the Bee Gees has defined my life? That explains a lot.
  7. wtc

    OT: Boat sale gone bad. Need feedback.

    It's kind of you to offer to split costs on the repair. Without further information, it sounds as if it's unfortunate for the purchaser for the motor to do this so quickly, but that's not on you. If I were the purchaser, I'd have the motor serviced before it goes on the water , especially if...
  8. wtc

    US customs sales for a drum bought in Canada?

    Coming the other way, there is not supposed to be any duty on musical instruments. If the item is new, you may be required to pay HST (harmonized sales tax).
  9. wtc

    Tama Stagestar

    I have the WMP version as well with the matching wooden snare. Well-built, good sizes and, gig-able.
  10. wtc

    If Bonham was in Toto...

    I've always thought that Rod Stewart's 'Hot Legs' chorus would sync with 'Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu' I wanna jump but (Hot legs, you're wearing me out) I wanna holler (Hot legs, make me scream and shout) Jump (hot legs) rhythm got a hold on me too (I love ya honey!) and the...
  11. wtc

    Tama Stagestar Kit (saved by The Drum Dr.)

    I own a set of Stagestars (snow white pearl...whoo) and they are a great practice kit. I've even gigged with them for a small venue. The wood snare is, predictably, a weak point but it can be modded a bit by adding shellac to the interior and swapping out the snares.
  12. wtc

    OT - Concert Season 2018

    FYI- if you're in the Toronto region - Canadian prog rockers SAGA will give their final concert ever at the Phoenix on Feb 24th. Tickets are $25! Wind Him Up On the Loose Scratching the Surface Don't Be Late and more...
  13. wtc

    Meinl Golden Line 2000 series

    Does anyone know the history of his line? Could not turn up much with a quick search. Apologies for my laziness, but I figured that somebody here would know.
  14. wtc

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers the Greatest American Rock Band ....Ever?

    The Eagles had a pretty good run... Perhaps they didn't last long enough together to warrant consideration
  15. wtc

    OT - Bands that have more than one primary singer.

    For a little more Canadiana, how about Blue Rodeo?
  16. wtc

    Gig Songlist for female singer in alto range.

    If you mean contemporary pop, then I can't help... How about 'Love Letter' by Bonnie Raitt 'The Look of Love' - Diana Krall arrangement?
  17. wtc

    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    Straight amateur drummer here...but I can count! From my experience, that makes me an exception among many other amateur guitarists and vocalists. Coming in correctly off a bridge seems to be a real challenge for some. And they seem completely oblivious. So, who adjusts? Sigh...drop to just...
  18. wtc

    What Do You Call Your Drum Space?

    The centre of jamification
  19. wtc

    OT: What Is Your Favorite LIVE Album?

    Elton's 17-11-70 (11-17-70) An epic, raw, soulful set of jams. Three musicians treading the line between precision and abandon. His other (official) offering, Here and There, is interesting to fans, but iffy sound quality (especially the MSG side) and no memorable versions of the catalogue.