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  1. wtc

    Opinions please - New Yamaha Stage Custom Steel or Used Mapex Daisy Cutter

    Same dimensions - would cost about the same I just want a new snare to replace the stock model that came with my old Tama Stagestar kit, which I use for small gigs. I play classic pop, lighter rock, and funk. Looking for versatility at a lower cost. I keep an eye on the used section here...
  2. wtc

    Meinl Golden Line 2000 series

    Does anyone know the history of his line? Could not turn up much with a quick search. Apologies for my laziness, but I figured that somebody here would know.
  3. wtc

    Bossa Nova Freeze

    Oh boy! I had been invited to fill-in as a drummer for my school's jazz ensemble playing at a homecoming cocktail party. There were five 15 year old girls playing horns, one music teacher on guitar and me. I am NOT a jazz drummer, but rehearsal went well enough as did most of the gig. I kept...
  4. wtc

    Removable Rivets:

    I have a 70's china drilled for with six rivet holes. I would like to experiment with differing numbers of rivets. I read/heard that there are screw-in (for lack of a better term) rivets that are easy to add/remove. Does anyone have an experience with them?
  5. wtc

    OT (ish) Good song...lame guitar solo

    I was thinking about a couple of songs who have good hooks, groove, but a lousy guitar solo (provoking a frantic poke at the >fast forward< button). Sorry if the following is your favourite song, or wedding song or whatever, Hot Blooded - Foreigner Rock of Ages - Def Leppard Freebird...
  6. wtc

    Fighting the song...

    I'm still a bit bothered by a gig my band and I played last week. There were multiple issues to begin with: we were too busy to rehearse sufficiently, particularly endings; we changed the set order at the last minute and there were no monitors, so I could not hear the singer (some might not...
  7. wtc

    best sound from an unlikely source

    Many of you must have a story about how you took an apparently mediocre individual drum, cymbal, and/or set up and made it sound surprisingly good through head selection, tuning, moongel, duct tape, miking, voodoo and pure luck. My own minor triumph was putting a Jack DeJohnette Aquarian Batter...