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  1. Glassman

    SOLD: Pork Pie Santos Rosewood

    PM Sent.
  2. Glassman

    Sold~Pork Pie Beech 6x14 Snare

    Damn, that was fast. Great snare drum and should make someone very happy.
  3. Glassman

    I need a new cymbal bag

    I have been happy with the Protec Deluxe 24" C232. I have 2 of them. Cymbal Gig Bag - Deluxe Series, 6-Pack | Protec ( Holds 6 cymbals with padded dividers. Large front pocket will hold a stick bag and a few other things. Even though I am playing mostly 22" rides, it is...
  4. Glassman

    Zildjian EAK 20” ride

    Yeah, you’re going to regret selling that one. Even at 2455g they do not play like a cymbal that heavy. And...that is beautiful hammering.
  5. Glassman

    SOLD DW 5000 TD4 Turbo Single Bass Drum Pedal

    Best guess is 1998 based on the “USA”, the frame shape, and the chrome caps on the Delta ball bearing hinge. I believe 1999 was the introduction of the square heel plate.
  6. Glassman

    Ok Guys Help Me Out on this Eclectic Snare

    I believe so. I cannot recall where I read the snare was given to him by Porcaro. I will have to retrace my steps.
  7. Glassman

    Ok Guys Help Me Out on this Eclectic Snare

    Admittedly, yes, the ad is a little misleading and spammy. Porcaro did apparently own a similar snare to the one listed but it was a piccolo and was given to Walter Becker. It recently sold at auction along with a bunch of other items following Walter's passing. The connection to Seiwell is...
  8. Glassman

    Ok Guys Help Me Out on this Eclectic Snare

    ...and the modified one...
  9. Glassman

    Ok Guys Help Me Out on this Eclectic Snare

    Many other threads on here about Valley Drum Shop. As near as I can tell, they used a Jasper 8 ply shell. Early versions had Pearl hoops, throw/butt, and tension rods and long Slingerland lugs similar to what the Magnum series used. I have a couple, one of which was slightly modified. The...
  10. Glassman

    SOLD Slingerland Modern Jazz outfit red tiger pearl

    Absolutely fantastic! I am setting up my 1973 RTP kit right now for an emerging project. I personally love the finish. Mine is absolutely beat compared to your set. Previous owner was less than kind.
  11. Glassman

    Camco Experts! What exactly do I have here?

    Yes, very significant. If you are missing one or more you are unlikely to find them. DW has no clue. The closest match I can find are from early 80s Ludwig Rockers but the ends of their threads are tapered. I am missing 4 original rods from my snare.
  12. Glassman

    Camco Experts! What exactly do I have here?

    No not a suitcase. They are still around: Camloc Latches | Anemo Engineering bvba
  13. Glassman

    Camco Experts! What exactly do I have here?

    Furthermore, if you happen to remove a lug, I would love to see the inside. Mine may have been tampered with. No springs as I recall but packed with gaffers tape. I would enjoy seeing how they are supposed to look.
  14. Glassman

    Camco Experts! What exactly do I have here?

    Awesomeness. That's what you have there. First generation of DW snare circa 1982. I have number 100483. Some idiot drilled holes (crookedly) and added a tone control to mine that is long gone. Camco throw converted to a butt plate, likely leftover LA era Camco lugs, and Camloc throw off...
  15. Glassman

    Is restoring a drum set worth it?

    Agreed. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. I have restored (to the best of my ability) 3 sets now. No new wrap in any case but a complete teardown, cleaned/polished, removed any corrosion, and in a few cases had to buy vintage parts to replace stripped or missing parts. One...
  16. Glassman

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Great transaction with @JeremiahJohnson for a 22" Zildjian ride cymbal. Well packed and shipped promptly. Thank you very much.
  17. Glassman

    What is the Best Sounding Steel Snare

    I have a first generation Pearl Free-Floating 6.5 x 14 with steel shell and it sounds amazing to my ears. Bright, articulate, etc. I also have a 1983 Tama Mastercraft 5 x 14 (cast hoops, extended wires, etc) and would love to find a 6.5" someday. Too cheap to pay what they cost now.
  18. Glassman

    Early 60s Sonor Teardrop ‘Chicago’ drum set

    There were no serial numbers but my set is stamped with the number “310” inside for October, 1963.
  19. Glassman

    Early 60s Sonor Teardrop ‘Chicago’ drum set

    Beautiful. I have a very similar set (same snare with staggered lugs) with a 22” bass. What 3-digit number is stamped inside? Beech shells sound amazing.
  20. Glassman

    Zildjian 60s 15" Hi Hats

    Fascinating. So, can you explain a little about the hand hammering as it relates to an A? I assume you mean HH in reference to trans stamp era of the late 40s/50s. It certainly does not have the same hammering as a contemporary K would have. The bell looks more like 60s than 50s in my...