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  1. richiegarcia4

    Gigging bop kit

    Jazz drummers, do you gig with your vintage kit? I have a 60's Ludwig Downbeat that I occasionally play out with. It's in great condition, so I don't like moving it around too much. However, it's so light compared to my USA custom that it's actually more convenient for gigging. How do the...
  2. richiegarcia4

    Playing along to records

    I'm trying to practice playing along with jazz records. I have a hard time finding a good mix between my drums and the music. It's difficult to for me tell if I'm playing on time when either my drums or the music is too loud. With some albums it's easy: Kind of Blue, Soul Station and other...
  3. richiegarcia4

    Philly Joe Jones Solo Book on Spotify

    I created a playlist with "all" the songs in order(some are not on Spotify). 223 songs! Enjoy.
  4. richiegarcia4

    SOLD - Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low Ride Cymbal

    Trying to thin out my ride collection. I barely played this one, so it's still in mint condition. $365 Free shipping from DFO members.
  5. richiegarcia4

    The Weaker Side

    Just picked up Dom Famularo's book. My paradiddle speed is really hampered by my left hand, so I picked this up in hopes of improving it. Has anyone else tried this one?
  6. richiegarcia4

    Soloing with Brushes

    My brush technique is okay when it comes to playing a swing pattern or a ballad, but when I solo it feels like I'm having a nightmare where someone replaced my drum heads with cotton candy. My timing just falls apart. Then I hear drummers playing all these rudiments with brushes, and I'm like...
  7. richiegarcia4

    Delete My Thread

    I inadvertently started a covid thread. Can you delete my post? Thanks.
  8. richiegarcia4

    Signature Agop Rides

    Like all jazz drummers, I'm constantly tinkering with my cymbal set up. I'm really happy with my left side ride (Kerope 19) and my hats (super thin 60's Zildjian A's). I've been going back and forth between two 20's for my main: Constantinople MLT and a 30th anniversary. The Con is too bright...
  9. richiegarcia4

    Bopworks Memphis R & B Sticks

    I've been trying out all kinds of jazz sticks lately. I was using Vic Firth AJ6's which are very quiet, but not much rebound. Now that my touch is better I want to go back to using a more 5b type grip. I finally settled on Memphis R & B sticks. It's got an unusual, subtle taper to the tip, but...