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  1. amosguy

    FS - INDe Snare

    6x14 INDe black nickel over brass shell. Steel rims. Mint condition. You will not be disappointed. Just thinning the herd in the basement. Using interior badge serial number, this is 2019 date. $300 + shipping.
  2. amosguy

    Guitar Center - YET AGAIN!

    I bought a couple of the Road Runner cymbal bags GC on sale a while back. They sent them in separate shipments, local store pickup. First one arrives and picked up no problems. Notice for second one by email so I go to store again for the second bag. The store cannot find the box, but pulls...
  3. amosguy

    How Not To Display For Sale Ad

    Current CL post locally. Asking $2000 for drum cymbal and hardware with worst pictures I have seen in a while, even for CL. Guess it was laundry day.
  4. amosguy

    Sold - Roland CY-12R/C 3 Zone Ride/Crash Cymbal

    Listed in Cymbals For Sale
  5. amosguy

    Sold - Roland CY-12R/C 3 Zone Ride/Crash Cymbal

    Roland CY-12R/C Electronic 3 Zone Ride/Crash Cymbal Trigger Pad Upgrade your lower level CY plastic cymbals - or rubber PD pads. The CY-12R/C V-Cymbal is compatible with all Roland TD-Series modules. This 12-inch cymbal can be used as a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal, and features...
  6. amosguy

    OT? (Maybe) - Anyone Know A Bicyclist?

    Found this on another website. Any Bicyclist Drummers around here?
  7. amosguy

    Rogers 5 Line COB Dynasonic - $325

    Late 60's. Good condition, with Dynasonic rail and wire set. Serial number 29046. Some surface rust on rim. $325 + shipping
  8. amosguy

    SOLD - Snare Wood Rims - Now with Clips

    Pair of 14" wood snare rims. Clip style - no drilled holes. Oak. Insert edges for head fitting. Now includes 20 stainless steel Ayotte style clips (might actually be Ayotte, unable to confirm) $75 shipped CONUS. Elsewhere at cost.
  9. amosguy

    Relisted With New Info

    Pair of 14" wood snare rims. Clip style - no drilled holes. Oak. Insert edges for head fitting. Now includes 20 stainless steel Ayotte style clips (might actually be Ayotte, unable to confirm) $75 shipped CONUS. Elsewhere at cost.
  10. amosguy

    Project Shells Posted For Sale
  11. amosguy

    5 Snare/Tom Project Shells Available

    5 Project Shells (no BD shell). I was given these and do not know any brand or history information. They are not brand new shells. No nail holes around vents. 5 ply (thin-thick-thin-thick-thin) shell, appear to be maple inner and outer plys. Clear coated interior. No serial or date marks...
  12. amosguy

    Cymbal ID & Value Help Please

    I was given a Avedis 15" crash or top high hat cymbal. Seems like a light crash. Postal scale says 693 gm? Has a flee bite in the center hole. Looking for approximate age and possible value. Stamp is from an online photo as mine would not load. Mine is lighter and more worn but readable.
  13. amosguy

    Suprise What Snares You End Up With! - And MORE!

    Doing some basement clean up. Put all the snares in a pile. While many have run thru my hands over the years, sometimes you forget what you have until you get them all in one place. Seems like I have enough to cover most any requirement. Now if only venues will come back online. Left to...
  14. amosguy

    Bit OT - Look What I Got

    Son sent this to me for my 3 Score and 10 Year B'day celebration. Put off buying this shirt for a while, so happy he sent it.
  15. amosguy

    Stewart 20" Bass - Seattle CL Listing has been corrected for actual drum size.

    Available on Seattle CL today. Could help with shipping if needed.
  16. amosguy

    SOLD - Drum Wrap - Black w/ Gold, Silver, Copper Sparkle

    Left over from a project. Still has protective sheet on top - picture scratches are in the covering. Originally bought from Jerry Jenkins. Black background with Gold, Silver and Copper sparkle. Full 25 x 55 sheet Cut 17 x 54 Cut 14-1/4 x 27-3/4 Ships in single square box. $130 shipped CONUS
  17. amosguy

    SOLD - Rogers XP8 10" Tom

    SOLD Rogers XP8 8" h x 10" d double headed tom. Excellent condition. Includes a shortened XP8 tom arm and Memriloc. $225 shipped CONUS.
  18. amosguy

    Help ID This Snare - Contacted by the Drum Builder - Champagne Drums

    Picked this up in a swap today. 7"x14"x1/2" Multiple plys: 7-9 depending on how I count them. Have not identified the inner and outer ply wood. No badge or possible ID marks. The butt plate is a Lugwig and the throw off has been changed out, leaving an extra mount hole. Cheap Pearl wire...
  19. amosguy

    SOLD Sonor Teardrop 13-16-20 Ruby Pearl

    SOLD Locally 6 ply shells with no rereings. Ruby Pearl wrap is tight, but does have normal "gig experience". Original badges, lugs, T's & claws, bd spurs, tom tension rods Rims are teardrop, though bottom rim on the 13" had slightly different Sonor teardrop profile. BD front hoop insert is...
  20. amosguy

    Rogers 9-72 Paper Label Examples

    Finally found the last example of the Rogers 9-72 internal paper badges. This is a JPG file you can download.