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    Evans Drum head quality issues? **Updated Evans response**

    I've been using Evans for 20 years. However, I've noticed that I have had several new heads with issues. One of the biggest issues is the aluminum rim. I have received heads where the rim is not circular. It is typically off were the seam/weld joint is located. Also when the ends are welded...
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    Opinion needed on Keller Maple shells

    I recently purchased maple keller shells 6 ply. I have received them and noticed on two of them there is a gap on the inner ply where they did not get a good glue joint. It creates about a ~1/32"-1/16" gap in the middle of the plies that runs from one end to another. Is this acceptable? I...
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    Worldmax shipping rates?

    Anyone use Worldmax for their supplies? What is up with their shipping rates? They charge crazy rates and when I inquired about it they swore they do not add fees (profit) on the shipping rates. I have a dealer account, but by the time I pay their shipping rates I might as well buy it from...
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    Where can I find DW "stained glass" drum wrap?

    Looking for this wrap. Anyone know where this can be purchased?
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    High gloss finish

    Hey guys. New to the forum. Thinking of building a new kit. I'd like to do a cherry to black finish. I'll probably use trans tint dyes. I need suggestions on how to get a high gloss mirror or semi mirror finish. Ive built a set in the past and my green sparkle kit is featured on the...