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  1. DrumWhipper

    Sabian Sound Kit

    I’ve owned the Sabian Sound Kit for a little over a year now and have used it at home, but now I’m playing for an artist who wants the drums mic’d up for small club gigs, if for no other reason than to run the kick drum to the floor monitors and in ears. The kit does come with the two XLR...
  2. DrumWhipper

    Hired gun question

    If you’re a hired gun do you allow an artist to have a say in your sound? Say for instance you own multiple types of cymbals. You have a type you like more than others, but the guy who has hired you likes one of the others better because he feels it fits his music better. What would you say in a...
  3. DrumWhipper

    Drum mic suggestions

    Best bang for the buck drum mics for a full size kit (5-6 piece)?
  4. DrumWhipper

    In ears

    Looking at possibly getting this set up to run in ears with. There are some good reviews online but I want to see if anyone out there is using this set up and to get your thoughts if so...
  5. DrumWhipper

    First post Covid gig

    Fun gig so far tonight. About 100 people here.
  6. DrumWhipper

    Sabian AAX

    Got hired to play for a country/southern rock artist. The cymbals I currently own just didn’t sound the way I wanted for this gig, so I got some AAX’s to help handle the job. 14" AAX X-Celerator Hats 17" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash 19" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash 18” AAX X-Plosion Ozone 21" AAX Raw...
  7. DrumWhipper

    Changed it up a bit..

    I’ve always been the two up, two down kind of guy. However, the one up, two down set up has been growing on me a bit. Last night at rehearsal I decided to give it a shot, and it worked well for me.
  8. DrumWhipper

    Looking at upgrading my double pedals

    I currently have a cheap set of PDP pedals that are on their last stint. I’m looking at the Tama Iron Cobra 900 or DW 5000 double kick pedals. Which one would you chose, and why?
  9. DrumWhipper

    1 up 2 down set ups

    What sizes are you running in your 1 up 2 down set ups? I am thinking of going 12, 16, 18 on my DW kit. I have a 10 inch also, but am thinking of eliminating it. I know a lot of drummers who have the 16, 18 floor tom set up use a 13 on the rack Tom, but I don’t have one of those so I’m curious...
  10. DrumWhipper

    Chicago Drum Show a GO

    From a post on Facebook: The folks at the Kane County Fairgrounds tell me that we are a go for the drum show in May. They have been in close contact with the local health department (providing them space for testing) and have again started holding events at the fairgrounds. (Some of them much...
  11. DrumWhipper

    First band rehearsal in months.

    Things are beginning to open up here a bit, so we had our first band rehearsal in months today. Have to be honest, everyone was a bit rusty, but it felt good to be back together and working on some songs. Hopefully we can get it together good enough to book some gigs before too long.
  12. DrumWhipper

    My annual Valentines week post!

  13. DrumWhipper

    New set of Centent Cymbals came in today.

    These bad boys just showed up! All B20 Centent Lad’s. 15 inch hats, 18 and 20 inch crashes, 18 inch Holy Crash, 21 inch ride and the complimentary 10 inch splash. Small company that produces some great cymbals!
  14. DrumWhipper

    Neil Peart’s final kit

    Watch to the end. DW has Neil Peart’s final kit at their factory. (Around the 16:00 mark)
  15. DrumWhipper

    Click tracks

    For those with iPhones/iPads/MacBook what is the best app to get to set up clock tracks for a full set list? I’m looking for something straight forward and simple.
  16. DrumWhipper

    The Texas Shuffle

    One of the main things I’m still working to learn!
  17. DrumWhipper

    Memphis Drum Shop

    I have absolutely nothing to do today and I’m 2 hours from Memphis. I’ve thought of going to check out Memphis Drum Shop since I’ve never taken a trip over there. For those who have visited what should I expect? What are some other places in the area to check out also?
  18. DrumWhipper

    Dang Sweetwater!

    Running Holiday specials and I end up purchasing an 18 inch floor tom for my DW kit.
  19. DrumWhipper

    UPS dudes showed up again

    I’ve gotta be honest, I wasn’t sure the custom kit I designed would come in. However I came home today to several boxes sitting on my carport. There is still a box with an 18 inch floor tom sitting in UPS land, but the bulk of it is here.