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  1. thejohnlec

    Slingerland project kit completion!

    Hi all, Completing this Slingerland kit was a fun project with a few challenges and took about a year and a half. The late 1960s 20” kick and sweet Hollywood Ace snare came to me together from a wonderful family and were in great shape. I obtained the early 1970s 13” mounted tom from a good...
  2. thejohnlec

    Slingerland grommet removal

    Hi all, Ready to start a rewrap on a Slingerland floor tom tonight - pretty pumped. Can you post your tips for badge and grommet removal if you have them? Thanks in advance - hope your week is going well!
  3. thejohnlec

    Slingerland rewrap project tips

    Hi all, I'm about to rewrap an early 1970s floor tom. It's currently wrapped in purple satin (badly damaged) and I'm going to rewrap it in WMP to finally complete an orphan kit. I've checked a few youtube videos and would love to see your tips, techniques, and tricks, including grommet and...
  4. thejohnlec

    Original Slingerland tom mount on this?

    Hi all, I think it’s original but just checking to be sure: is this tom mount original to Slingerland and, if so, do you know if it will accommodate a Pearl tom arm? Thanks in advance!
  5. thejohnlec

    Rewrapping a natural finish tom

    Hey all, I'm considering several toms that will be rewrapped to complete a small kit of Slingerland WMP orphans. One of the toms I'm considering purchasing has an original natural wood finish (no pearl wrap). Will I encounter an issue with heads not fitting because of the additional space that...
  6. thejohnlec

    Slingerland Set-o-matic alternative

    Hi all, Any ideas on tom mount options for a Slingerland? Having trouble locating a decent set-o-matic and I'd like to avoid carrying an extra snare stand to lighten the hardware bag. The kick drum is a late 60s 20" black and brass badge, chocolate milk interior. The 9x13 tom is an early 70s...
  7. thejohnlec

    WMP rewrap recommendation

    Hi all, I’m considering a rewrap project on a potential marching snare I found for sale that I would use as a floor tom. The kit I would add it to is a late 60s Slingerland white marine pearl with practically no yellowing. The marcher is a Slingerland but the wrap is not WMP. Bumwrap does not...
  8. thejohnlec

    Evans head recommendation

    Happy New Year everyone! I’m setting up a snare specifically for some low volume, trio jazz gigs that I have coming up, and will be playing primarily brushes on it. I’m looking for recommendations on your favorite coated Evans heads that are responsive to brushes. The leading snare candidates...
  9. thejohnlec

    Lightweight hardware input

    Hey all, I'm looking at an alternate hardware package for lighter gigs and am considering this Yamaha package: Anyone that has used this hardware care to chime in? How about similar packages? Thanks in advance...
  10. thejohnlec

    That one drummer...

    If you could pinpoint only one drummer that you actually hear their influence represented in your current playing, who would it be? I cycle around pretty regularly to listen to my regulars - Vinnie, Steve Smith, Garibaldi, Peart, Manu, especially Jeff. I obviously don’t play like them, but was...
  11. thejohnlec


    Interesting article - would love to know everyone’s thoughts, particularly when considering a landscape full of sport drummers:
  12. thejohnlec

    More love for Stage Customs

    I had my SC kit in the studio last night, recording some music beds for a new promo video for the band. We used a snare mic, kick drum mic mounted internally (my live set up), and two overheads. This kit records like a dream! Very easy to get up and running with very minimal tuning. Punchy tone...
  13. thejohnlec

    Quick Premier clean up

    I got this Premier kit (I believe a Mark 1 APK) a couple years ago for $30 and finally gave it a little time this week. It had been played to death and was very dirty. It saw some moisture too - rust in the tension rods. The wrap is kinda beaten up. I gave it a quick cleaning with some Soft...
  14. thejohnlec

    “Vile” Guitar Center article

    All, Not subscribing to either side of this conversation, just posting fyi:
  15. thejohnlec

    Dawn soak question

    Hi all, Do you normally dilute Dawn for rust removal or not? If so, do you have an average ratio? Thanks in advance!
  16. thejohnlec

    Forgot I had this

    I was visiting family in MA last week, and was doing my normal basement check for drum bits I might need (I brought back some Rogers tom lugs from an unsalvageable Walberg & Auge Fl tom if anyone is interested). This old guy was sitting forgotten on a shelf, undisturbed for a good 30-35 years...
  17. thejohnlec

    Ludwig Pioneer question

    Hi all, Quick question: is white paint on the interior of a Pioneer shell normal? Looking at one with a serial number keystone badge and baseball bat muffler, red sparkle wrap. All hardware aging is consistent and appears original. Interested in the possible year of manufacture. Thanks in advance!
  18. thejohnlec

    Quick product review

    Hey all, Just a quick remark about these new Gator bags I got from Amazon. $150 for a 5-piece kit. Great for storage or gigs where you’re personally handling your gear from car to stage and back. Foam isn’t super thick but should provide basic protection. Material seems sturdy as does the...
  19. thejohnlec

    Upside down splash cymbals

    Hey all, Has anyone been mounting a splash upside down? I'm curious as to whether or not the cymbal would be more susceptible to damage. Please share your experience here, and thanks in advance for the responses - hope you all are well!
  20. thejohnlec

    (Slightly) OT: Any Adobe Audition users here?

    Hi all, If any of you are Adobe Audition users, please recommend an audio interface that has proven to be solid with the program. Recently tried and liked a Behringer U-Topia 2 channel unit and am considering the 4-channel version, just doing some due diligence. Thanks in advance!