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    Praise for the humble K custom dark

    Not exotic. Just really really good. For me the right middle point between As and Ks. Andrew Cyrille was my entry point to the K custom darks. Also have the flat on the second clip.
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    Canopus RFM Kit

    Exceptional condition. Endorser kit. Satin walnut. 8x12, 13x14, 14x18, 15x20. $2995.
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    Ludwig and Gretsch snares

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Gretsch Ludwig Ludwig 5x14 brass supraphonic with brass hoops. Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 6.5x14. Both drums immaculate and enhanced with the amazing Canopus bolt tight washers, snare wires, and snare belt. Priced to move at $500 each. Come get em!
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    Canopus RFM

    Thinking about downsizing and switching things up since I don’t ever use the 20” on this kit. $3000 or reasonable offer. Canopus RFM walnut oil. Exceptional condition. Upgraded with chrome over brass tom hoops. 8x12 13x14 14x18 15x20 with case and extra heads.
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    Gretsch Custom Rosewood Gloss 6.5x14 w deluxe case

    $550. Exceptional to like new. Upgraded with canopus washers, wires, snare belt. With deluxe case. A glorious drum and barely played.
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    One for Paul Motian

    Missing Paul Motian today, so this.
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    Limited edition 22" K Constantinople Light Ride

    22" K Constantinople Light Ride. A special limited run prototype made for Memphis Drum Shop, now all sold out. I bought the 20" and 22" rides, and have decided to keep the 20" ride and sell the 22" because it is more comfortable for me to play. A special design, including a thinner and slightly...
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    Social Distancing Woodshed

    I’m trying to learn one new drum thing each day during this strange time. Here was yesterday’s thing.
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    Canopus NV60 Bop Kit

    New Canopus NV60 bop kit. Merlot Glitter. 8x12, 14x14, 14x18. $2000. Snare available separately. Endorser Kit.
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    Pro gear clean out - cymbals, hardware, parts, practice gear, drum

    CYMBALS: 14” prototype Kerope regular finish hats. 912/1296 grams $400 18” prototype Kerope regular finish crash. 1340 grams. $300 8” K Zildjian splash. $85 10” Zildjian spiral stacker. $65 15” Avedis series hats. 1114/1542 grams. $300 PRACTICE CYMBALS: Zildjian 14” hats L80 and 20” ride...
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    Canopus RFM kit w NV60 snare

    I may let a kit go after all, if there’s interest. Endorser kit in excellent condition. Satin walnut finish. Hit me up if interested. Great drums but seems excessive to have two kits. Thinking $3500. NV60-M1 6.5x14 snare. RFM 8x12, 13x14, 14x18, 15x20
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    For TK - Al Foster sighting

    Tonight at the Blue Note backing up Roberta Gambarini. Notes: The famous 22” SCDR with one rivet. Clamped down so tight it couldn’t move. Possibly at 20” modern Paiste dark ride, clamped equally tight. 13” old A hats 20” Zildjian K (possibly eak) china with a cheap Wuhan China nestled...
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    Complete professional grade practice setup

    Complete professional grade low volume drum practice setup with professional hardware. Minimal use. Includes: Prologix practice pads with varying resistance to emulate a kit. 13” Russ Miller pad 12” red storm medium 12” blue slow Thunder kick Tama classic hi hat stand Tama classic pedal...
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    Zildjian professional and prototype cymbals

    14” prototype Kerope regular finish hats. 912/1296 grams. 18” prototype Kerope regular finish crash. 1340 grams. Sold together $700 Video: 8” K Zildjian splash. $85 10” Zildjian spiral stacker. $65 15” Avedis series hats. 1114/1542 grams. $350 2
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    Accessories: heads, rims, snare wires

    Three new sets of 14” snare wires (one Ludwig and two Gretsch). $25 plus shipping for all three sets. New or lightly used. $150 for the whole set (plus shipping): 20” coated powerstroke, new; 20” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used; 18” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used; 18” Ambassador, lightly used; Four 14”...
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    Gretsch custom rosewood Paul Motian style snare

    Brand new Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 20 lug 6.5x14. Micro sensitive strainer. Canopus leather washers added. Includes Gretsch deluxe logo bag. $600
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    Canopus NV60-M1 Kit in the home studio

    Things worked out that I could hang onto this kit for the home studio. I will use the RFM kit when I leave the house, because these suckers are too heavy for me to drag around. But they will work great as the house kit at my home studio - Blue Pickup Session.
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    High end gear clean out

    You need good stuff, I got good stuff. Let’s talk. [email protected] Ludwig brass snare with brass hoops and deluxe case. $550 Gretsch custom snare with deluxe case. $650 Paiste 22” 602 Dark Ride. $795 Zildjian 22” prototype K Constantinople swish knocker. $450 Zildjian 20” prototype...
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    Professional snares and cymbals

    Some great snares and cymbals I am parting with listed on Reverb.
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    Set of jazz drum heads.

    New or lightly used. $150 for the whole set (plus shipping). 20” coated powerstroke, new. 20” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used. 18” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used. 18” Ambassador, lightly used. Four 14” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used. 12” Fiberskyn FD, lightly used. 14” Earthtone, lightly used.