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  1. bonefamily

    David Gilmour - drums

    I never seen Gilmour play drums before. Reminds me much of Nick Mason (not surprised). He looks very comfortable.
  2. bonefamily

    Bosphorus factory tour

    I’m sure this has likely been posted here before seeing the date of the video - but for those that haven’t seen it yet... A true handmade cymbal.
  3. bonefamily

    Sakae hi hat stand from DCP - am I wrong?

    I recently purchased a long overdue needed Sakae flat base cymbal stand and hi hat stand from Drum Center of Portsmouth. They had a good blow out sale on them. After receiving I opened and setup the cymbal stand first and all is perfect. A nice stand for the sale price - I really like it. A...
  4. bonefamily

    Jinjer’s Vlad Ulasevich

    I’m not a hard metal player, but not long ago stumbled upon Jinjer. I found Vlad Ulasevich’s setup quite interesting. It’s a fairly simple setup, but what really intrigued me is the slight forward tilt of his snare and toms as well as his cymbals (which are relatively pretty low). I have...
  5. bonefamily

    Beefier flat base cymbal stands

    Well... I’m still looking for that right cymbal stand, which I never thought would be such a chore - current cymbal stands are the Tama Classic flat base. My thread looking for a medium / medium light cymbal stand because I found the Tama Classics a bit too lively for my needs brought me to the...
  6. bonefamily

    18” ride suggestions

    Hello everyone. Looking for some suggestions here... I’m a very simple setup player - bass drum, snare drum, hats, and a single cymbal for both ride and crash. I play in very small combo’s which are usually piano, upright bass, and drums or guitar, upright bass, and drums. I play mostly...
  7. bonefamily

    Light / medium weight cymbal stands

    I hope everyone is doing their best. My current cymbal stands are the Tama Classic flat base stands. I find these stands to be on the “lively” side. I have a particular ride cymbal that can be quite washy - and is so on the Tama Classic. I love the tone of this cymbal so do not want to add...
  8. bonefamily

    Flat base boom cymbal stand

    Hello all! Currently in process of transferring all stands over to flat base. My current cymbal stands are the Tama Classic flat base but I am now in need of a boom cymbal stand. There are a few currently on the market but I would like to hear what you all are finding to be some of the better...
  9. bonefamily

    Who’s the drummer...

    A slight hiatus from drumming, but back in the saddle (throne). My memory is toast in my old(er) age. There is a drummer/percussionist (jazz/world) that went through a transformation of minimizing the drum kit from a full kit to nothing but a cymbal, and then started adding a piece here and...
  10. bonefamily

    Woodblock / Cowbell setup options

    Hello gang! I'm looking for setup mounting options for a woodblock and cowbell combo, preferably on the bass drum but other options are fine too. I'm looking at this setup for early jazz / ragtime playing - though I should mention that I am not playing on a vintage kit so vintage setups are...
  11. bonefamily

    Double Drumming

    Double drumming in the style that came before the creation of the Ludwig bass drum pedal in the early 1900's (I think that's about when it was). Do any known recordings exist of this style of drumming - both bass drum and snare drum played with sticks? I remember watching a Daniel Glass video...
  12. bonefamily

    Brushes only players

    I do believe there are some players here that have brushes only gigs and/or bands that they play in. I have been wanting to put together a very small intimate blues act - along the lines of Warner Williams's Little Bit A Blues group (acoustic guitar - Warmer Williams, harmonica - Jay Summerour...
  13. bonefamily

    New Orleans / Second Line Drumming

    I really enjoy listening to this style of drumming. I am very curious about Herlin Riley and John Vidacovich's book and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I know it's not a boat load of dough for it, but still a bit more than some drumming books. It would be nice to hear a...
  14. bonefamily

    Tama Soundworks Maple snare 12 x 5.5 - SOLD

    I purchased this snare new from Columbus Percussion and used it very little. Other than batter head wear from playing a few times, it is in like new condition. Tama Soundworks in Maple 12" x 5.5". Evens heads (G1 on top). Makes a great side snare and even can be used as a main. I have it tuned...
  15. bonefamily

    So the stand does make a difference

    I was in a local music shop over the weekend trying out some flat base cymbal stands (straight). I have read that stands make a difference with cymbals and I now understand that they certainly do. I tried out a similar 22" thin dark dry cymbal to one I own on an ultralight DW, a Pearl 150...
  16. bonefamily

    Raw and rustic blues listening recommendations

    Once again I turn to you folks for listening recommendations. This time I'm looking for blues - in a simplistic and raw form, very minimal yet of course with drums. I'm thinking piedmont and delta style blues, but most of this style is guitar and voice or harp and voice. Though I have found...
  17. bonefamily

    What drummer is this?

    Early Carl Perkins, rockabilly days. Who was his drummer back then? Studio drummer perhaps? I'm not sure if he's a lefty drummer playing open handed, or a righty drummer playing a lefty kit and just playing the bass drum with his left foot.??
  18. bonefamily

    Paiste 900 series

    While picking up a new snare drum at a local music shop yesterday, they had the newer Paiste 900 series - which I guess replaced the Alpha line, and at a lower price point. I only had very little time to tap a few, but I really like the darker appearance of them. Anyone else able to give them...
  19. bonefamily

    Steel snare drums under $200

    Yup, I like steel snare drums. That ringing steel overtone that you just don't get from a wood drum. My only current steel snare is a Pearl Mirror Chrome that is pretty beat up. I'm looking for recommendations on what you all think are some of the better steel drums under $200. I don't mind...
  20. bonefamily

    Vertigo from drumming?

    I have an appointment with my Dr. this afternoon but I wanted to hear from others that may relate to this: My story - I picked up drumming again about a year and a half ago. I have played drums/percussion through my school years but after that devoted my playing time to guitar, while...