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  1. defariatm

    scale to measure cymbal weight?

    I searched this forum but didn't find responses so: What type of scales do you guys use to measure cymbal weight? If you have a recommendation I would appreciate the advice. thanks for considering...
  2. defariatm


    Here's a really nice little Gretsch 18"x14" BD. Sounds Great! Very good/excellent condition. The resonant hoop is a replacement from DFD. Other than that, and maybe the batter head, it's factory. I always thought I would wrap it but never got around to it. Here's your chance to get a great...
  3. defariatm

    Leedy Ludwig shell composition?

    Does anyone know what Leedy Ludwig shells were made of? Are they Mahogany? Thanks for any insight.
  4. defariatm

    Slingerland Wing Screw for BD spur

    I'm restoring an old set of slingerland drums, concert toms and BD. It's gonna be awesome! I need one wing screw for one of the BD spur mounts. 5/16 24. looks just like this: Please let me know if you got one you would sell. Thanks for considering -Tom
  5. defariatm

    acrolite snares loosen while playing

    hey guys, I have an old 60's acrolite that I love playing. Sounds GREAT! but the snares loosen so quickly I gotta adjust them every song. I like playing snares fairly loose, fat with ring...which is why I love the acro, but the old strainer adjustment screw just vibrates loose within a 1/2 a...
  6. defariatm

    gretsch round badge snare drum ID?

    Guys, I purchased this gretsch snare on Craig's List a few months ago for $100 bucks. It has a really thin shell, I am assuming three plys but I am interested in your feedback on this. I believe most of the original parts are here except the top rim (which is chrome) and the strainer wires...
  7. defariatm

    re-wrap experience?

    Guys, I recently purchased a set of round badges 13", 16" & 24". They were orphaned drums and the previous owner re-wrapped them with a very cheap glue paper type wrap. I want to re-wrap them with a quality product. I have been looking at precisiondrum and a few others. I also checked out...
  8. defariatm

    1950's Leedy/Ludwig toms opportunity

    Guys, I know someone who is selling the pictured drums for $200 bucks. Not sure of sizes but assume they are 13" and 16". She thinks they are early 1950's vintage. No BD or Snare available. What do you think? Are they worth it? How many plys do you think these are? Thanks in advance for any...
  9. defariatm

    ID Gretsch Drums from 1950

    Guys, I would really appreciate your help in identifying these Gretsch Drums. They have date stamps inside the shells that are all from 1950. The interior of the shells are not painted. I have the full set: 6 1/2 snare, 9X13 Tom, 16X16 Floor, 14X24 Kick. I even have the old hihat, Snare drum...