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  1. bolweevil

    a little OT: shield bag in 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

    Watching the Marvel series on Disney+ this weekend and seeing Sam carrying around the shield in what looks like a familiar bag to a drummer, had me thinking what he actually had inside was 'The Ride Cymbal of Destiny.'
  2. bolweevil

    Used cymbals through Musician's Friend

    Just in case this hasn't already been talked about here: You can browse used cymbals on the Musician's Friend website (and drums--but my experience was with cymbals). There are some good deals hiding in there--I recently picked up a pair of Sabian AAX stage hats in good condition for under...
  3. bolweevil

    A brief history of cymbals

    This may have already been posted here, but here it is again! I love cymbals. If you love cymbals and don't have 'They Cymbal Book' by Hugo Pinksterboer, the author of the above article, you should get it.
  4. bolweevil

    What is this sound?

    I've heard in other songs, music in commercials, etc. Always liked it but don't know what it is. It's the boingy sound-effecty noise around the 3 or 4 second mark. Anyone know what that is?
  5. bolweevil

    My method for keeping drumming fresh

    I only have two kits--one for the rehearsal room (at the bass player's house) and one to use at home and gigs. One more kit would be nice (always, just one more thing, right?) so I wouldn't have to disassemble and reassemble my main kit for each gig, but it is what is, and in this case it is...
  6. bolweevil

    semi-OT: drums as 'pet call' and happy ending

    So last night my wife was very concerned that our cat had died outside somewhere as we hadn't seen it (her) most of the day. Our cat usually comes and goes but tends to come back to the house at regular times (spending most of the day inside eating/sleeping). Before going to bed I stuck my...
  7. bolweevil

    The Broken Eights (my band) soundcheck 'Bitter Pill'

    The title of the thread pretty much says it all. I thought the audio turned out pretty good so I thought I'd share.
  8. bolweevil

    Getting out of a drum funk

    Band not playing much for obvious reasons. At first I got back to basics and worked on Stick Control and some of the classics, and felt refreshed. Now when I ever I sit down to play it seems to be all the 'usual stuff' I do with some of the new stickings and fills I've been learning thrown in...
  9. bolweevil

    Question about 'quintuplets'

    Quick question: is rlrll sticking called a quintuplet if it's not 'five played across the same space as four'? As in the rlrll rlrll rlrlrl sticking. If not, what is it called? Just wondering--been really into this sticking lately; I know it doesn't really matter what it's called...
  10. bolweevil

    I'm redefining what 'chops' mean to me

    For decades now I've dabbled with more complex stickings and coordination but even at 41 I've noticed that at some gigs my right forearm will cramp up if I'm excited. I've come to the conclusion that I need to approach my own practice time from a sports perspective--that is, work on things I...
  11. bolweevil

    Remo batter head won't fit on my Blacro

    EDIT: The Evans G2 barely fit on the blacro but was almost impossible to get off. A Remo Pinstripe would not fit at all. The title of the thread says most of it--the Remo head just isn't big enough to seat on the Blacrolite. The same head fit nicely on a COB supra, so that's where it went...
  12. bolweevil

    Tracking for new album--The Broken Eights

    Wanted to share some pics from this weekend's recording session--second album with my band The Broken Eights. Drum tracks finished today. This time they had me set up in a sweet drum fort. It was both acoustically sound and cozy.
  13. bolweevil

    The Broken Eights (my band) pre-studio demo video

    We're heading to record our second album next weekend; this is a video we made of us tuning up.
  14. bolweevil

    2 Sabian HH rides

    Two Sabian HH rides. Both in great shape with no cracks or keyholing or any structural issues. Both 21". On the left, a mid-80s (I think, see bottom logo) something ride. I bought it off eBay labeled a Vintage ride, but it weighs 3200 which is heavier than those. So I don't know the model...
  15. bolweevil

    Is foot speed the first thing to go? Wow...

    I recently watched a cover band play 'We're an American Band' by Grand Funk and the drummer totally flubbed (or didn't even try) the quick doubles on the kick, the second and third notes of the triplet. I scoffed, and recalled how I could do that, until later that weekend when I was behind the...
  16. bolweevil

    Triangle rod for DW pedal

    Hi! Anyone have a spare triangle rod for a DW 5002 (or 5000) pedal? It's the triangular link between the spring and the post on the pedal. Mine is missing. Let me know what you would need for it. (having no luck in the local shops). Thanks! Brent
  17. bolweevil

    triplet-y double kick thing with one kick

    yes me drumming a bunch of notes--yay. edit: fixed the link so it should be publicly viewable now
  18. bolweevil

    when in a studio setting, drummer input on sound

    How much do you guys feel a drummer should fuss about how the drums sound when doing a studio recording? I realize it depends on the context, buy say it's a band you are an equal member of, in a local but very good recording studio. I ask because the last time I didn't say much about the mix...
  19. bolweevil

    my tempo issues

    After many years of seeing myself on video playback, I have come to realize my tempo issue is twofold: -I rush during bluesy/shuffle songs -I drag when playing rock beats I don't know if this is common, but it's pretty typical of my playing. I often use a metronome during rehearsal and almost...
  20. bolweevil

    Ludwig COB snare (and my band)

    Because really it's about hearing how cool snare drums sound.