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  1. JazzDoc

    My Rx for Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) - Divestment!! Check out my Pies on the Block...

    Sales to fellow DFO members will ship FREE (within CONUS) Do NOT buy from the eBay or Reverb ad - PM me and you will not have to pay shipping Check out these links: Murat Diril 20" Renaissance Crash Ride Cymbal - 1638g Sabian 18" Evolution HHX O-Zone Cymbal - SOLD
  2. JazzDoc

    Heap o' PAISTE Modern Essentials on the runway...22" Ride is now SOLD.

    All of these Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials cymbals which I am selling are in at least EXCELLENT+ condition and without any issues except perhaps stick markings and some fingerprints. These cymbals are...incredible. They are all clear and rich, without any funky overtones. They're...
  3. JazzDoc

    Source for cymbal bag dividers?

    Anybody have a source for cymbal bag dividers? Humes & Berg used to make them but I've exhausted my searches trying to find some. I'd prefer padded dividers. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. JazzDoc

    12mm ball L-arm with longer horizontal part?

    Hey folks, I’m using a Ludwig Classics bop kit with Atlas fittings & hardware. I’m using a single 12” tom. My problem is that I want the tom to sit further away from the midline (center post) and I’m already max’ed out with my hardware. So...does any company make a ball L-arm where the short...