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  1. Drums94

    Vintage California Drums

    Hey vintage fans. I found some vintage California toms. Whats their deal? I remember they weren't that bad but i can't find too much info on them now.
  2. Drums94

    Drum Industry Past/Present/Future

    If you could chose the drum industry and its relative recording/tuning trends/approaches in the past, what decade or decades do you think the industry would have best suited your views of the drum? What would be your reasons? Do you prefer today's industry more than before and why? Are you...
  3. Drums94

    Bass Drum Head Holes/Introduction

    Hey everyone my name is Jon. I just picked up an old tama swingstar redbadge. I can barely contain my excitement. I'd like to change the front head. I can't decide whether I should put a hole in it or not. I want the beater response without the hole but I know the engineers won't like me for...