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    These brushes are kicking my butt

    So i decided that I would finally learn how to play with brushes. Well so far they have been owning me and I was ready to cry the other day. I know everything takes time, but going to brushes from sticks is so weird, but I'm determined not to just give up and throw them back in the bag like...
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    My Tama SilverStar 22" for your Yamaha 18"..

    I'd like to trade a black lacquer finish 22" birch Tama Siverstar bass drum for a 18"birch Yamaha or equal quality bass drum in a lacquer finish. Mines is a virgin.
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    Isn't there a product on the market to stop key holing? I think i saw something like a rubber gasket that you insert in the cymbal hole to prevent key holing. If anyone has any info or suggestions it would be great.
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    Help with Zildjian K's

    I'm looking to buy a couple of Zildjian K's, but need help understanding something i'm seeing in the ads. Alot of the cymbals has a description of K085,K097, K0999..etc. Can someone please explain to me what that means..sorry if this comes off as sounding really stupid.
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    Still seeking a birthday drum

    I'm still looking for any drum made 5/24/72 or simply anything made may of 1972. I'm open to any drum in any condition.
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    I'm still looking for a birthday drum...05/24/1972 or one of those mapex black panthers with the hieroglyphics finish.
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    How common is this, and what would you do?

    I was thinking of buying another used kit but didn't want to deal with the chance of bad edges or untrue shells. Finally I decided to just save a little more and buy a new kit so I wouldn't have to deal that issue. A few days later I found this video on youtube. How common is this and what would...
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    Are these the beginings of a crack?

    I noticed these the other night while playing a gig. I'm not sure how long they have existed, but is this how cracks start? If so is there anything i can do to stop it? (besides cutting it out). This is the bottom hi hat.
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    Should you ever replace your reso heads?

    I've never changed my reso heads because i never hit them, but i head someone say that they wear out just like batter heads. The logic was that the air wears on them, is this true? If so how often should i replace them?
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    Only 1 kit and Ok with it?

    Is there anyone here with only one kit and totally ok with only having one? I've been wanting a new kit for while now, but i don't really need it. I've cut down to one giging kit and one beater kit for dive bars and unsavory places, but I really want to buy a new kit for christmas. I wouldn't...
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    My new crush and fantasy ( Oriollo Aluminum )

    I've been hearing about these for a while now but just now checking out the vids on Youtube. All I can say is WOW! These drums sound fantastic, great tone and low end. Way out of my price range though so all I can do is admire from afar. Great job to the guy's at Oriollo and to anyone here who...
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    10,12, 16" toms

    I'm looking to build a jungle/safari type kit.. I'm looking for 10,12, and 16 inch toms. Yamaha, PDP , or Tama preferred.
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    Is my Drum Dial Broken??

    I found this at a yard sale, and when i calibrate it i have to turn the bezel to the left so the needle lines up with the zero. On youtube the zero is always at the top center. Does this means mines is broken?
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    I'm looking for help to find a watch that a can wear while playing. I've broken two, not by it hitting the rim of the snare, i think its from the shock waves. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Question about Satin Blonde Finish

    I'm looking at the Tama club jam sell packs...why is the Satin Blonde shell pack 100 bucks more than the other two finishes?
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    2 Slingerland snares

    A 1978 i think Buddy Rich TDR snare. 5x14, 10lugs..players grad. Still has the Slingerland batter head. I've been gigging with it and it sounds great. Asking 300 plus shipping. 1960s Aluminum student snare. 5x14 6 lugs. Sounds really good condition. Asking 125 plus shipping. I'd work...
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    20" Istanbul Xist Ride Brilliant Finish

    I'm looking for a 20" Istanbul Xist Ride, must be the one with the brilliant finish.
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    Help with Tuning

    I have a issue i can't figure out. The drum resonates when tuned low but chokes when i tighten the top head. Does this mean my bottom head is too tight?
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    Anyone play a DDrum SE Flyer kit?

    If so, how would you rate the craftsmanship of the kit? Would you recommend DDrum to other drummers?
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    I can't decide on a ride.

    I've been looking for a ride cymbal for a while now, but can't seem to choose one. I think maybe my issue is that i'm looking for one that i can use for all situations. I play rock, r&b, and some jazz. Is there something that can be used for all of those or do i need one for each?