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  1. gezz

    Natal.. originals 7x14" Maple ..

    I bought an ordered a Natal Originals Owned by "Marshall" 7x14" snare Drum.. Absolutely flawless maple shell.. 2.3 mm hoops and the brilliant tri throw. Has Evans reverse dot (kept it on) and 300 Glass snare side.. I Did put set of Grover wires on it as they soundd amazing...(on any deep wood...
  2. gezz

    Natal Originals ... Loose wrap issue

    I bought this off EBay... In "Immaculate condition" and a Unique drum.. Being that it's a Birch shell and 6.25x13" ( yes 6.25) ..sound great¡!! Problem is the extremely attractv red satin wrap is "tacky and loose in a couple of places... No bubbles or distortion and seam is tight, althoug...
  3. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    Been on his livestream a few times.. And enjoy his playing... And he seems a really nice person. My gko d friends on her e know I have a brain injury... Which resulted from a bleed.. I can type OK.. But on my phone my spelling shocking. I have noticed that Johnny appears to maybe have suffered...
  4. gezz

    Rogers dynamatic hi hat and few other purchases

    Being a HUGE fan of the new Dynamatjc Bass drum pedal.. I have ordered the matching hi hat stand.. Lightweight and liove the look and design.. I see it has a quick lock clutch as well... Should be here next week. Also on a side note ordered set o Evans UV2 for my toms.. Just a one off, try see...
  5. gezz

    Prisoner to the sizzle Ride

    hi.. I have realised that if I play any style of music at all with any other Ride cymbal other than my sizzle Ride (22" 2oo2, or 20" A Custom) I really miss them.. The dynamic I can get from a sizzle has me hooked.. It's NEVER too much and it improves stick attack greatly. But for all around...
  6. gezz

    Canopus hi hat stand

    Lightweight.. Brand new and shop only has 1 left.. Straight £100.00 Inc shipping. I sold off my DW flat based as I never got used to the very slight "wobble" and went back to my trusty but older and Way heavier pearl roller/pulley stand. But I want to know is the Canopus sturdy and will my Remo...
  7. gezz

    22" 2oo2 sizzle Ride

    OK I spotted this in my friend Graham Russell's Drum shop.. Factory rivets and in amazing condition.. Warm and great stick.. The Rivets add a bit more definition. But it's so sensitive and works great with This particular Cymbal.. So impressed by it.. I took down my "go to" 602 20" reissue med...
  8. gezz

    Leave it alone

    The snare wire thread got me to thinking about something I do and a great many others here do too.. Tinkering with something that sounds great or good, trying maybe to improve or upgrade the item or just put our own stamp on it.. I seriously need to stop this.. I am a fan of Black panther snare...
  9. gezz

    Reissue rogers dynasonic

    want one in Gold sparkle Lacquer.. Not cheap.. But the blue onyx 6.5 was amazing!!! I love the response of these.. Bentley's drum shop has one on eBay.. But I'm in UK.. The shipping is half the cost of the drum.. Over a grand easily.. So going to try source one in UK.. Or order.. If I can't get...
  10. gezz

    Sly and Robbie

    On Bob Dylan's "infadels" interesting.. With Joan armatrading!! Brilliant.. Anyone help me with more suggestions of albums they played on.. Session work rather than solo offerings.. I think they add flavour and are at their creative best when working with other artists.. Gery
  11. gezz

    Mapex BP "Black Widow"

    I bought this new.. Most of my snares are 6.5 deep.. I have a couple of 5.5 but this is my first 5" I always switch out wires for 12" strand "concer t wires" on my wood Drums as it instantly makes them mor about the Shell ans less about the buzz.. This drum is utterly superb! Cranked it up a...
  12. gezz

    Paiste precision 14" hi hats

    No designation.. Othr than " hi hats" they are in the " Precision" range which is a slightly cheaper, smaller range than the top line sigs I have played sig "medium hats" and the y wer OK.. But the precision hats have a touch of magic about them.. Beautiful, warm and articulate.. With the most...
  13. gezz

    Back after break.. I missed you

    I did nee d a break.. So here I am.. Though t I d share my (new to me) Ludwig Classic Maple in "teal Sparkle" 20x14", 14x14" and 9x12" .. Amazing drum set in abslutly MINT cond
  14. gezz

    Ufip supernova

    B8 or B10 I would guess at but the Crashes are absolutely stunning.. A whole new flavour... If you love A customs (like I do) And with a sprinkle of 2oo2 these are the ticket.. I was so blown and fell in love with the 16" and 18" that were in the store. I ordered a 17" tho as I pairing it with...
  15. gezz

    PST Rock

    PST8 Absolutely HATE them!!! Played a set in a rehearsal studio and I know well they are made for Rock but I was horrified at their sound. The crashes were 16" and 18" Rock models.. Two Gongs!!!! Harsh, bitter and a one dimensional "clang" sorry clang is too musical these are more like "clug"...
  16. gezz

    New (to me) Classic Maple

    12 lugger in MINT condition And in natural maple gloss.. To add to my other Ludwigs 402 and the NEW classic maple with inde throw.. It's poppy articulate and primarily for brushes and funky grooves ..
  17. gezz

    Ludwig classic 12 lugger

    Stunning condition find!! 12 lug, Monroe Badge ..classic maple snare drum 5.5x14" in natural.. Hardly used and I think super rare.. The shop are putting purseound concert (16 strand) wires as the 42 strand wires that had obv been put on at some point are def not my thing.. The oyster DW..i...
  18. gezz

    Help.. I'm so so stupid

    My new DW snare came with "nylon straps" I way prefer Ludwig in this instance.. So I set it up with a set of my go to Canopus wires.. Vintage dry..but has anyone ever tried to adjust wires on a MAG throw??? I wish wish wish I'd left it. I just find I use the Canopus OR puresound...
  19. gezz


    New DW snare in tiger oyster wrap..amazing!!! It's dialed in beautifully now and is stunning.. Great tone and a real musical inspiration..
  20. gezz

    Rogers swivomatic

    Yeah I'm buying one of these.. I remember my old teacher years ago had one.. Fantastic.. I was quoted 280.00 shipped Gerry